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Prolific Songwriter & Vocalist Sevyn Streeter Releases New Album Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughts

Sevyn Streeter embraced the music scene in 2013 with melodious singles “Call Me Crazy, But...” and "It Won't Stop" featuring Chris Brown, which tagged as a winter teaser, with “Next" as a follow-up score. The single went Certified Gold by RIAA. Sevyn Streeter released “Shoulda Been There” in 2015. Still strumming off that whirlwind piece, she released her debut studio album Girl Disrupted in 2017. The album was an anthology of highs and lows that depicted mental illness and personal relationships that manifested into Sevyn Streeters newest project Drunken Wordz + Sober Thoughts with these words “Love, Loyalty and Liberation.”

In a recent round table interview hosted by Southern Laced, Sevyn Streeter expressed herself in complete authenticity about many topics like the Pandemic, her favorite artist, newest single ”HMU,” speaking on injustices surrounding the case of Breonna Taylor, the life and death of Chadwick Boseman, including, Love, Loyalty and Liberation.

Check out interview with #InterruptedBlogs from that same motivational discussion added below:

Sevyn Streeter’s single HMU from the Drunken + Sober Thoughts is a popish melody with a message of keeping things simple, while having a good time. It’s a jovial song that paints the picture of controlled friends with benefits. Not long after that, Sevyn Streeter dropped “Kissez,” featuring DaVido, an island jam mixed with R&B expressions, where Sevyn Streeter and DaVido chime about giving and receiving affection by “planting kisses on you.”


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