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Tommy Davidson Making 30 Years of Comedy Look Easy in Newest Sitcom the "Union"

Tommy Davidson launched into the spotlight with a quality, to carry out comedic exhibitions that were not only unforgettable, but quipped, vigorous and full of action.

Coming from a long list (arms length) of comedians that utilizes method acting, Davidson is definitely top tier.

“I really just concentrated and focused on technique, and getting everything rounded off-- Everything that it takes to be a good standup comedian, and then went from there to everything I needed to be, and the best that I can do in TV-- And then, from there, I did the same thing in movies, and I did the same thing with writing. So, I just take that approach where I just look to master each branch, and just add it to what I’m doing.

I’m at the point where I’m producing and authoring, and doing music, and venturing off into my own projects, now; and it's been thirty five years of development to this point... and, waiting. Let me make that more simple there, he says when asked how he stays grounded and in his lane. "Faith... A lot of faith over that thirty five years."

Davidson said that you shouldn't make it a wait when attaining your goals.

"For me, I had to understand that order. I'm not the guy that makes things happen. I can put myself in position for them to happen. The big guy (God) pushes the last button. With it being like that, then I don't get everything that I want when I want it, but I definitely get everything I need when I need it."

Never dimming his light, and always rising to the challenges ahead, Davidson hit Washington DC’s nightclubs as a standup comedian in 1984. He performed at many local spots and surrounding areas , including amateur night at the Apollo Theater by 1987.

Speaking of mastering his sets, Davidson moved full tilt while embodying the most uproarious characters. His frenzied nature, allowed him to operate unabashed with his skits. He opened the stage early in the game for rhythm and blues greats like Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, and Patty Labelle.

While raising the bar with each performance, his knack for entertaining sparked the attention of luminaries Martin Lawrence and Robert Townsend. Towended featured Davidson on an HBO special called "Partners in Crime," which is said to have opened the door to In Living Color.

With continual routines, Davidson went from novice to pro, executing improv sketches on the hit series In Living Color, where Davidson was resident comedian reenacting Michael Jackson, and Sammy Davis Jr. from 1990 until 1994 when the show ended.

During his explosive standup routines, Davidson spoke frankly on churning topics surrounding Black and White culture from the standpoint of jesting, coupled with his enactments.

Davidson jumped completely into a personality regardless of how extreme, to deliver stellar performances that were unadulterated brilliance.

Davidson played in Strictly Business (1991), Martin (TV Show 1993), Booty Call (1995), Woo (1998), Bamboozled (2000), Juwanna Mann (2002), The Bernie Mac Show, The Ms Pat Show (2001-2002), The Proud Family (Oscar Proud 2001-2005), and The Proud Family Louder and Prouder (2022- Present) to name a few Blockbuster and primetime hits.

Davidson is character in a new sitcom called "Union” a lively series centered on family and community, from one urbane location that’s a combination of Mels Diner, Cheers and House of Payne.

As for a few of his more recent accomplishments:

Davidson released songs, “Kid Zero” featuring Julian Vaughn & Chieli Minucci; "Sweet Reunion," featuring Grammy Winner Dave Koz; and “I Know." He finished project with Earth Wind & Fire called “Stronger.”

In 2020, Davidson published book, “Living in Color: What’s Funny About Me,” a bighearted account being raised by a white woman during the Civil Rights Movement, after his Black mother discarded him as trash, his sustainability in Hollywood nd his experience with Race in the U.S. While the projects are exciting enough, Davidson is touring and performing alongside the side splinter comics, Kat Williams and Martin Lawrence.


The Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment (OCTFME) announced the pilot for Union recently, that it is premièring exclusively on free global platform, District of Columbia (DCE), and airing on the Discovery Platform. This is a large move for OCTFME, to launch beyond red tape launchinh the show on a platform and network that’s separate from TUBI and Hollywood, although the film will possibly hit TUBI, and all streaming platforms at a later date.

Davidson shares the stage with 70’S sitcom headliner Ernest Thomas Raj from (What’s Happening and Everybody Hates Chris), Shar Jackson (Niecy from Moesha), and former pro football player, Vernon Davis.

Davidson is often crediting Washington D.C for showing up, when no one even knew his name, and now he’s using Union as an opportunity to give love back to the people that always made him feel like a star.

“We got a show coming from DC, called the Union, and it’s a hell-of-a endeavor,” he says. “I’m from D.C and to have a television show out of there for the DC entertainment conglomerate is really kinda cool. They’re seeking to do the same thing that Atlanta has been able to do, which is start an industry there, and this is one of the first shows.


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