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The Vegan Vibe Music Series #2021 Kickoff

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Sundays are lazy days made for relaxing, kicking up your heels, while doing absolutely nothing, and recovering from the week-long urgencies of life.

What if you could go to a place that offers that same reset, revitalization, adding a cultural celebration, with a plethora of amenities, fulfilment, and entertainment, including vegan food at one enormous location?

Vegan Vibe Music Series fits the description, giving all that and more inside the 15,000-square-ft complex at Cabarrus Brewing Co, where it’s held each year.

It’s delivering on the good “vibes,” as well as implicit peace and normalcy after the Covid-19 Pandemic shut everything down.

June 13, 2021, Vegan Vibe Music Series launched at full capacity in waves of spectacular, where hundreds of people showed up and showered support for the phenomenal gathering. People from all walks of life, children, and their pets, congregated, sharing spaces of laughter and contentment, while listing to jazz and blues from Buff Dillard, RHYS Rainbow Band, Tamara, and jazz legend Shableek at closing.

TV star [To Have and To Hold], actor, model, and business troop, Yandrick Paraison hosted the event with charisma and rich energy to keep spectators engaged during the live show.

“I’ve always had an interest in the vegan culture,” says Paraison, “and this is a lifestyle. It’s taken on a life of its own. It’s a growing culture, so it’s something that I’ve always wanted to be a part of, and I’m happy and I’m excited about it.”


There were about 30 vendors, including food trucks parked, with some at the entrance leading into the revelry, where visitors shopped and ate until the food ran out.

Morathi Howie, co-founder, describes the Vegan Vibe Music Series as a large backyard barbecue. In fact, the Vegan Vibe Music Series is like A&T University’s homecoming labeled GHOE [Greatest homecoming on earth] swaddled in one day of activities. It’s wistful, and a cool hangout, even with the sun beaming at one-million watts. It was all worth it, being in the atmosphere, celebrating for no reason other than being outdoors, adulting responsibly with other humans that wanted to have a great time.

Morathi and Latise Howie (Caution: audio muted)

Morathi Howie and his sister Latise Howie started the music series 3 years ago to help promote family, well-being, collaborations, and resources for the people in their hometown of Concord, NC. Morathi and Latise never envisioned that the event would grow to be as popular and as large as it is today, “We’re bringing families together and that’s what’s important,” says Latise.

This year, the Howies partnered with Kristie Williamson (chief creative officer), Clinton Douglas (chief development officer) and Ursula Douglas (chief wellness officer).

“First of all, we started out as fans and attendees of the vegan vibe series when they first started the inaugural festival,” says Ursula. “We’re just delighted to have a positive influence on the vegan community. We’ve partnered with Morathi, and this year, we were brought on to be part of the organization and I am the chief wellness officer. My husband is the chief development officer and we’ve been able to give our expertise in working in healthcare administration, Clinton in business development to add a little bit of our talents to this awesome, established team.”

Clinton says folks can expect to vibe out with an eclectic group of people coming together that may be vegan, and some that are curious about the plant-based lifestyle… “That’s purely what our mission is, to introduce people to a plant-based lifestyle, to reduce the risk of chronic disease. You can expect [to hear] great music every week, [eat] fantastic food, and phenomenal vibes, and a good time.”


The Vegan Vibe Series partnered with The Thurgood Marshall College Foundation. The foundation is helping to open The Vegan Vibe Music Series on July 18th with an HBCU appreciation scholarship drive, where attendees get to rep their alma maters, all the while donating money, with all proceeds going back to the HBCU.

Novant Health teamed up with The Vegan Vibe Series to provide health screenings while T Mobile provided charging stations. Extended Stay America is the title sponsor

Please visit site for more information or an up-to-date event listing here.

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