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The BET Premiere of Games People Play Was Nothing Short of Drama Served on a Golden Platter

Oh, how we love scandal!

Chock full of necessities like chaos and calamity, The Games People Play kicked off in showstopper form with basketball player for the L.A Vipers, Marques King [Sarunas Jackson], jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

King is implemented for the murder of gossip columnist, Kalinda Walters [Ismeli Henriquez] by his housekeeper, who’s scooped up by ICE. She turns on Marques, and struck a plea, letting detectives know everything that she assumes to be true—but you know he didn’t do it, right, or did he? Naw, he didn’t do it--- Points to Jackie’s crazy-tail self while sipping scorching hot tea [Vanessa Simmons], but yawl didn’t hear that from my blog, okay?

Meanwhile, Marques is trying to figure out a way to get the housekeeper freed although he’s totally remiss that she’s offered him as collateral damage for her freedom. Sitting on another dramatic platter, Vanessa King [Lauren London ] is preggo, but she doesn’t even know who the dad is because unlike Marques, she forgot to wrap up. Why girl? Why? It’s not hard to see that she’s about to fumble the bag worse than Tony Romo in the 2006 playoffs, Washington against the Seahawks.

The season 2 opener carved out a quaking hot storyline that’s epic in comparison to its previous season. Fans are introduced to new acts like Karrueche Tran, who’s playing Eden Lazlo, a powerful suit and VP of operations. They're re-kindled with stars like Parker McKenna Posey [Laila James], whose character changed drastically from good girl turned baddie, that’s all about the come-up by any scanty means necessary. She’s still on her level in season 2. Speaking of scanty and salacious, conman Jamal [Kevin Jackson], is left for dead after having a heart attack or a stroke in front of Quanisha [Gail Bean] and Kareem [Jackie Long] at the end of season one, but as the devil would have it… I meant luck; he’s saved in a strange twist of fate. Karrem’s mom, [Vanessa Bell Calloway], tells him that he shouldn’t hold hostility against Jamal [even though Jamal blackmailed and bullied Kareem his entire life] because Jamal is his father… Chaa, what?! She should’ve read that dirty rotten scoundrel for the filth that he is, but never mind. It’s just too much, and only the beginning for the superlative messiness that season 2 has to offer.


In a recent press conference, the brilliantly and bomb executive producer of Games People Play, Tracey Edmonds, talked about the interpretation of the characters and how they evolved from the first season to make this sequence of events vividly unforgettable.

Tracey Edmonds is TV and Film Producer, NAACP/Emmy Award Winning CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc and She is on the national board of directors for the Producers Guild of America.

Check out the clip below:

Stay tuned for the second episode that’s even racier than the first icebreaker airing on BET October 26, 2021, at 10:00pm EST/11CT

Tuesdays at 10:00 EST/11CT

Check local listings!



Based on the popular book by Angela Burt-Murray “Games Divas Play,” “Games People Play” is a sexy, stylized one-hour drama about the L.A. high life, featuring a cast of characters where everyone plays to win, including a basketball player navigating both his equally rocky personal life and NBA career, a newly appointed team marketing executive who’s got a lot to prove, a tenacious journalist desperately seeking the truth and a struggling actress with a scandalous past. The talented ensemble cast includes Karrueche Tran, Lauren London in a limited role, Sarunas J. Jackson, Karen Obilom, Parker McKenna Posey, Jackie Long, and Kendall Kyndall and Brandi Denise. In addition, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Vanessa Simmons, Shaun Robinson, Kevin Jackson, Barry Brewer, and Monti Washington reprise their recurring roles, with Cynthia Bailey, Nazanin Mandi, Ro Parrish, Hitman Holla, Leon, and Calvin Seabrooks to guest star in the ten-episode drama. #GamesPeoplePlay.


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