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T.Rozie Releases Single “Take Your Time,” Proving to Fans That She’s All Grown Up

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Firing up her ambitions like a rocket launching into space, T.Rozie decided on a new profession in entertainment after watching a performance on television by Cardi B.

Still in high school but very much in harmony with what she wanted to achieve, The brazen teen proudly announced to her momager, Tamara Whithead, that she wanted to rap.

T.Rozie, a classically trained dancer, learned ballet, and different variations of dance through Triple 7 Dance Studios in Snellville, Georgia, that her mother owns. Though she’d danced all her adolescent years, T.Rozie wanted to step up her game and perform lyrically.

She released her first single in 2021 called "Mama Told Me," followed by “Mess It Up,” and "Tragic" (2022) though she’s since switched lanes, to become a pop-soul vocalist delving into relationship motifs with single “Boy,” (2022). The song is a declaration, when sights are set on love. While the visuals offered something colorful and abstract-- The dance moves were major shouts to Michael Jackson, reminiscent of "Smooth Criminal," but sensual like the ragtime.

T.Rozie dropped newest single that collides Caribbean with the wistfulness, a teaser called “Take  Your Time,” from the Pop Paradise EP.


The singer is traveling and scouting out more labels and production for her projects.

I’m truthfully going into who Rozie is,” she explains. “I think because I am forming my character, and forming Rozie, coming from being a professional dancer. Of course it’s going to take some time but it definitely has been a journey on developing like what genre music I really want to focus on, who my audience is, and how do I adapt to them, (and) how do I create content? All of the fun stuff has been truthfully a thing, lately. But, that’s been the biggest challenge I want to say, which is truthfully developing myself.”

Graduating from student to entertainer is just the beginning for T.Rozie— she hasn’t hit all the highs and lows that’s come with success but even with that knowledge, Rozie says she hasn’t changed much… “I guess you can say I stay true to myself, but it’s a lot to experience, and I think the biggest thing is... I said this same thing the last time you and I talked was just like-- Stay true to who you are, and stay in your lane cause nobody can do you better than you, and that’s truthfully helped me so much along this past journey about just staying in my own lane— and one’s victory, that doesn’t mean it’s going to come right after, or you failed at something because somebody got there quicker. Like, truthfully, just staying in my lane has been my biggest thing… and it’s been working.”

T.Rozie learned that the industry is a rush and wait game where she’s scrambling to get her projects out. Once the music is placed, she falls back to see if listeners enjoy the tracks. She's not trying to force-feed the people, but Rozie is learning the business, reading the room (numbers), assessing, and making adjustments to what they like.

“I actually got a chance to meet Max Goo. I was able to do my whole set for him, and do my performance-- And, the only thing he could say back to me was, ‘Wow.’ So, I think that was a pretty cool thing,”  T. Rozie exclaimed gleefully when asked if she knew she was on the right path, to keep going.

T.Rozie gets emotional about fans not liking her music even though she understands that it’s part of the deal. This feeling only intensifies her anxieties when she’s away from home, staying at different Airbnb’s… “It’s been the biggest struggle of me just trying to figure out how to make, no matter where I’m at, home, and just trying to see how that can better me (as a person)."

T. Rozie is releasing newest EP, POP Paradise. She intends to push out work that everyone in her age group will listen to, that has an ear for the same music she enjoys.

Click link to listen to entire interview below:

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