On the Heels of KZFrazier Drama's 5th Production,The Author Empathizes With Modern-Women in her

If you mix high-strung with a bit of power, you get, Tempest Dupont, an educated vixen who’s gained distinction as a big-time attorney in the City of Killeen, Texas.

Mastering everything in life except the door to her heart, she’s yet to find true love.

“Tempest” is a romantic-comedic stage play, with jiffies of humor. The production offers many ups and downs that relate to real life events, and is spot-on when you think about overachievers and young millennials in this generation, who still haven’t found their soul partners.

Some women are too goal oriented; rarely taking the time to accept love, as it might be a futile distraction-- slowing them down from their madly successful careers, and they never take time to consider that love doesn’t slow you down. Love speeds you up to the rhythm of one-thousand racing stallions. Love transforms you from an emotionless cyborg to a person with actual feelings, like a lioness with a heart.

The cute productions places you in the mindset of familiar movies like Boy Bye and Something New.

Screenwriter Kerry Ann Z. Frazier, said that she used situations from her girlfriends as well as bits and pieces from everyday life to hone in on the characters.

“The production basically follows the last play that we did in May called Losing Mama. This is an expansion of it focusing on one of the characters, Tempest Dupont," said Frazier.

Feature Presentation: Saturday, August 19, 2017/2:30pm and 6:30pm /at the Vive Les Arts Theatre Killeen, TX

“This is a romantic comedy about a young, powerful, cooperate attorney that is successful in everything in life. She’s achieved everything on her checklist except a relationship with the opposite sex. So, it’s a comedy where we are taken through Tempest’s life with some of her dating errors and some of the very characters that she goes out with.”

While the narrative is nothing short of romance capering on the tails of nous and repetitious certainty for the aspiring woman, there are some powerful scenes involved with theinnovative stage-production.

“I think it’s the messages that the girlfriends really relay to Tempest… often, as women, we sometimes over-communicate, and sometimes we fail to communicate. I think it’s what the love interest conveys to her and in what he sees in her, which she has not seen in herself. When she sees the changes in herself, she will then see all changes on the outside manifest themselves. That is something that I thought was poignant, as well as the message that she receives from her girlfriends in searching for the right one. One of the girlfriends says to her, ‘Do you want somebody, do you want anybody, or are you willing to wait on the right one?’

Frazier said that it was her goal to make key character, Tempest, a black role model.

“As a female, and as somebody who is a professional, I really wanted to empower little black girls the message that they will get here is this; You can be successful, but you don’t necessarily have to have a ring on your finger. There’s no magical number for you to get married. You don’t have to turn, thirty, thirty-five, or forty, to get married. You can have your career and you can have it all, and that’s what you get from Tempest. She gets a myriad of messages from society that says because she has accomplished in all these things in her life, it’s time to settle down and get married.”

“Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect, and make everyone else deal with you the same way. ” – Nikki Giovanni

Frazier is an Ordained Minister at the Christian House of Prayer, a Minister of Dance at The Eagle’s Training Institute, and the owner and Director of KZFrazier Drama Company in Killeen, Texas. The beautiful woman of God is erudite in all things familiar with the word of Christ.

As a graduate of the Sonship School of the First Born, Kerry-Ann also completed her Bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland, majoring in Education and Psychology. She also received a Master’s degree in Education, Training and Facilitation from University of Phoenix.

Frazier also earned a Master’s degree of Social Work from the University of Southern California.

The fiercely driven Minister is also an author with published books such as Restored:From Mourning to Dancing, and Hineni "Here I am, Lord": Responding To The Call To Drama Ministry.

She is a screenwriter and playwright, in addition to being a method actress with 20 years of experience. Frazier has written and produced numerous plays in Central Texas with her church and is on her fifth production under KZFrazier Drama.

Frazier said that what makes her project work is the belief in her project.

“I have to believe in what I am directing. What makes it great is when it inspires someone, when it has an impact on someone’s life. I find it empowering when it is educational, [and] those are all the goals of KZFrazierDrama. That is what brings me to life, and that is what brings the passion out the passion in everything that I do. So, when those are present in a production, I am just completely excited about it.”

Though her many endowments keep her plenty busy, Frazier plans to add more extraordinary endeavors to schedule.

Speaking of completed productions, her greatest achievement reside in her campaign against abuse.

“My greatest achievement, I would say, is a particular play called, Behind Closed Doors, a domestic violence play that I did a few ye