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Newest Black Owned Business Opens: Purifi IV (Hydration & Vitamin Station) Charlotte.

Photo Credits: Purifi IV

Purifi IV Ribbon Cutting Ceremony August 4, 2022


Purifi IV opened its newest location at 19826 N Cove Rd Suite A, Cornelius, NC 28031 on July 7, 2022.

Although IV therapy has been around for quite some time, the demand for the IV hydration stations has grown over the years from it being an exclusive treatment for athletes, and the upper echelon, to becoming a comprehensive requisite for everyday people.

These IV mélanges are safe and affordable depending on where you go to administer the liquid vitamins and minerals.

The cocktails are hooked to an IV bag, and managed in a set timeframe, getting you on your feet and back out the door, recharged without feeling fatigued.

Getting More Bang For Your Buck!

IV packages range from $75.00 – $150.00 while the basic vitamins start at $20.00 and book at $40.00 an injection.

Local Businessman, Jeremy Jackson, receiving “All in One” vitamin injection by registered nurse.

Checking out the reviews from the various IV stations in Charlotte, NC, most consumers had one thing in common when they received their hydration drips—rejuvenation after a night of binge drinking on the town. Others, like fitness enthusiast, felt invigorated after receiving their cocktails. Many commented on the gains from immunity and vitamin boosters.

Purifi IV (Charlotte) offers these wide ranging benefits, where they have an adaptable center made for privacy, and general public that’s charming, tranquil and modishly adorned with three reclining chairs that lie back similar to futons, four sofas, and zero gravity massage chairs, in addition to a drip bar.


The wellness room, a vicinity that’s more discrete, is painted in a calming, and entrancing blue, but decked like a multiplex for two people.

There are friendly games inside the common area of the business, as well as outdoors which gives an intimate atmosphere. Parents can refuel on injections or IV drips, while their children sit with them.

When speaking with the owner, Gordon Patterson, he says, ‘We wanted to go like a lounge,” when commenting on the facilities aesthetics. “It’s a wellness clinic, but we wanted to clinic out.”

Patterson is a native of Brooklyn, New York, who’s currently resident of Charlotte, NC. He’s a fulltime broker at Wells Fargo, that’s always been passionate about training and wellness. However, it wasn’t until his business partner, John Davis, collaborated with the owner of Purifi IV at 1500 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste 125, Suwanee, GA 30024, that they opened the second location in Cornelius, NC.

Patterson and his colleagues plan to turn the businesses into a franchise after opening another location in Nashville, Tennessee at a later date.

“It’s obviously for people who need hydration, or people who have a wellness supplement for diet or if they took vitamins they don’t want to take. They can come in and get the true absorption that you would get from an IV versus something you’re taking in pill form,” explains Patterson when asked who would benefit from the IV stations. “We also have immunity boosters, we have (stuff) for energy. It fulfills a lot of different needs.”

Patterson reverberates that their facility is extremely safe so patrons should feel at ease when receiving services. “Everyone is a registered nurse. They have experience working in the ER. We have a medical director, here, who oversees everything.”


Visit here for more information.

Watch tour and interview below:

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