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Miasha Coleman Talks About Her Manuscript Turned Movie: Secret Society 2: Never Enough

Updated: Aug 2, 2022



Secret Society 2: Never Enough is scampering closely on the heels of its popular forerunner Secret Society, which peaked on Amazon Prime with its fall opener in 2021.

Both playscripts comes from the creative vault [2007 & 2008] of Writer & Executive Producer, Miasha Coleman, who didn’t let any dust settle before filming the second installment Secret Society 2: Never Enough.

The subtitle for the feature firmly holds true, we cannot get enough of the escapades set into motion from day one sister-friends, Celess (Reyna Love) and Tina (Erica Pinkett), roadies to the bitter ending.

In the first movie, we meet the two beautiful hustlers who are on a mission to become the women that they dreamed up, fashion-forward, successful socialites, sitting on top of the world by duping the thriving status quo men out of their earnings. They’ve done an outstanding job of it, too, until a deadly secret gets out that both Celess and Tina are transgender. This shuns the dazzling reputation that the women assembled overtime.

It goes back to the adage, ‘The truth will set you free, but first it’s going to p**s you off.” Once the facts are laid bare, their empires crumble, leaving Tina dead, with a remorseful Celess trying to pick up the pieces to her life, and that’s where the second movie kicks off.

Celess is wedged in a hospital bed hallucinating trying to grasp fragments of her identity, and her reality. Although she’s mournful, Celess jumps like a game of double-dutch into more daunting drama.

Could it get any worse, though? The answer is a resounding yes. Even with a well thought plan, things can go awry, and it does for Celess very quickly.

While speaking with the bomb Queen Miasha Coleman, she says “It’s a gift from God,” when asked how she’s so creatively driven to write the stories. “It’s not like something I intentionally did. I started writing because it was like an escape for me, and as it turns out, I was actually good at it.”

West Philadelphia native, Miasha Coleman began writing in high school, and that work grew into 10 published books, and 2 movies under her belt. Coleman reaped a six-figure book deal through literary giants Simon and Shuster, who bequeathed the month of June as the “Miasha Coleman Month.”

With that dedicatory attainment, Coleman honors herself as well. The CEO and executive producer said it was surreal because she always wanted to become a writer and an author. Coleman succeeded that reverie, releasing two books a year, while touring.

“So, you get so caught up in the movement of it all, that you don’t get to say, d**n, look what I’ve done, or salute yourself, or pat yourself on the back. As an older person now,” says Coleman. “I’m an older person, now. I’m a mom with two boys, and I see things differently. It’s like, now, I’m embracing those accomplishments. Now, I’m celebrating those wins. I celebrate everything, girl. It’s nuts. You don’t have to say much to get me to go and take a little glass of wine. I’m definitely doing all my celebrating now,” she teased with a bit of honesty.

Coleman self-financed both movies—She believes in the power of ownership. “I feel like it’s the best path for me, to continue to reinvest in myself, to bet on myself, and to remain the owner of all of my work,” says Coleman.

When working on the book, Secret Society, Coleman didn’t intend to write about the trans community, because it was a forbidden topic in the part of Philadelphia, where she was raised.

That didn’t mean these beautiful people from the trans community, didn’t exist. Coleman wasn’t educated on the trans lifestyle; moreover, she just didn’t experience it in the era that she grew up.

“Where I grew up, that was something that was tabu,” she explained. “I never knew anybody of that community. You never heard anybody talking about that community but when I wrote the first page of the book in my head, this particular man taking these measures on a woman— I don’t want to give too much away just in case people didn’t see the movies yet; but I asked myself what would happen? What would make a man do this to, two young women, and that just popped in my head, if he found out they were trans.”

Coleman felt the story needed to be told for a couple of reasons—No one else thought to write it, and she spoke to a trans young woman that inspired her on an ethereal level to continue with the manuscript.

“It made me feel impassioned. It made me feel empathy, and I knew that if it could make me do that, it could make a whole lot of other people who just like me, (that) never had a conversation with a person of the trans community, never thought about watching and reading anything that dealt with their lives-- So I felt like that could bridge a gap in different societies; and of course it did that. It did that with the movies as well—And now, I feel compelled to be an ally, so the inspiration really draws from me really wanting to bridge those gaps, to make people feel, and have empathy and compassion for the trans community.”

Coleman filmed the first movie right at the broadcast of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but that didn’t stop productions; hence the reason movie 2 wrapped up so quickly, and with a star-studded cast.

“The new faces just came about through auditions,” she said when asked about casting. “We posted that we were casting for Secret Society 2, and we’ve gotten an outpouring of people wanting to be in it, even celebrity, influencers, like Blac Chyna, Bobby Lytes—People like that reaching out and wanting a role. I had never saw Blac Chyna and Bobby Lytes act, so I didn’t know what to expect but you know the audition process was open to anybody; so when I saw the auditions, they spoke for themselves.

Blac Chyna gave me Vicky. She gave me Vicky from the time she said one word out her mouth. Bobby came through with different looks for his audition. At each scene he had a different look, his emotions and his facial expressions were on point. It was like he was born to play Gerald, so that’s really ( what) boiled down to me— It’s just being in the audition and making sure that each character appeared to be that character, like it felt real."

Listen to full interview below.



From gold digger to being thrown under, Celess (Reyna Love) is making her rounds to prove her loyalty to the game with new-found bestie Si Si (Adejah Parrish). It’s not a matter of if your past will catch up to you, it’s when! In this fast-paced, edge of your seat sequel to 2021’s movie of the year, viewers are in for an even bigger twist than before. Celess is back outside! With a newfound hunger and a bestie, Si Si, to eat with she wastes no time filling her plate. She and Celess climb the ranks of young Hollywood and are on the brink of making it big but that’s when they learn the 'bigger you are, the harder you fall' – especially when your past is tugging at your stilettos. Picking up where Secret Society left off, Secret Society 2’s fashion, drama, and plot twists all set out to prove one thing and that is in Celess’ world of love versus pain, it’s Never Enough.

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