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Legendary Gospel Recording Artist, Charles Jerkins, Presents OnStage Gospel.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The U.S has taken some heavy hits in 2020 starting with the death of basketball great, Kobe Bryant, a very forceful and plaguing pandemic, a spree of barbaric police incited killings, community murders, earthquakes and hurricanes, financial crisis [the depression], housing dishevelment, in addition to losing the first black marvel comics superhero that generations from the past six decades have grown to appreciate and love. Although so much has happened in such a short span, Charles Jerkins is making sure that folks have an inspirational platform, those that are standing in the need of a miracle or good vibrations, especially in times of uncertainty such as this.

“Number One, I’m a gospel singer but I also come from the family of Dark Child, Ronnie Jerkins, a mega producer and Uncle Freddie,” Charles explained his contribution to the music industry. “Those are my nephews. They are hitmakers. Also, my nephew has some hits out right now. I come from that famous family. I’m the uncle. When the boys were kids, they came by my house, because it was the place where you could blast your music where you wanted to blast it. Not to mention, music has always been in me since I was kid. I’ve been into music all my life, singing at an early age. I sung all Michael Jackson songs. I was raised up in the church, and you know when you’re raised up in  church, and if you sang gospel, you couldn’t let your mom hear you singing R&B or you would get in trouble.”

Charles Jerkins knows his way around the music industry. He comes from an enriching bloodline that’s written, collaborated and produced music for Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Michael Jackson. Adding to that brilliant manifesto, Jerkins launched OnStage Gospel, a multi-production platform for inspirational movies as well as music, housed on the The media company has widespread distribution on Roku, Apple, Google Play as well as a free cell  phone app, On stage Gospel.

Bishop Robert Colson introduced Charles to Robert Schwartz, who is founder of Through old fashioned networking and powerhouse follow through, they merged Onstage Gospel Production with the secular platform. Onstage Gospel is the first inspirational platform on the hub.

“I just recently signed a three-year contract with him in June,” Charles shares. “I just thank God as a blessing, that it took place. Now, we have a major platform that gospel artist and pastors, different preachers can team up with Who?Mag TV and Onstage Gospel, and get distribution through that,” he says. You can see it on ROKU TV, Google play, and you can download it on your cell phone, too, with mac tv. You can see Onstage gospel that’s on there. It’s an amazing platform that can reach so many people all over the world because that’s what it’s about during this pandemic. We need some good news in our life. We need God in our life. We need Jesus in our life. This is the way to get Him in your life. Sometimes, even with the secular platform, when they go by and look at the gospel song or preacher, it will help them along the way. That’s the reason I love this. I love this because you are reaching so many souls out here. That’s what it’s about. It’s not only gospel entertainment, but it’s about the ministry.”

Charles went on to elaborate that Onstage Gospel is his passion. He always knew that he’d do something great. “I also feel like this is one of the last ministries, and I’m a part of it right now,” he reflects.

The mega-entrepreneur says that the platform is exclusive to inspirational, but it’s open to everyone. “You never know what a person is going through in their life, things they might be going through at the time, and they hear the good news [Onstage Gospel] and it lifts them up and builds them up. You never know, God can change that situation for them and now, you’re on stage. In this pandemic, we need peace in this pandemic, right now.”

As for, it’s a hypermedia platform that’s accessible all over the world… “That’s what we want to do. We want to get the gospel out all over the world. You know what the word says about that?”Charles asks rhetorically. “Once the word goes all over the world, then He’s coming.”

Charles describes Onstage Gospel as a one stop shop in high definition. He also confirms that it’s good to have a platform for the consumer as well as the artist where they can have all their needs met without judgment. “God has given everybody a talent,” says Charles. “If you have a talent for rap, singing or both, you can go in there and see both secular and you can also see the gospel. That’s the good news and that’s what’s good about it. We’re being blessed on every side because everybody got that soul, and when the gospel hits that soul, the word is powerful. It’s a blessing. It’s such a blessing for me because I always wanted to do it. I wanted to act, too. You can start your own movie and you can start your own show, from commercials or whatever. That’s the reason we are here, to help make dreams come true, the different ones.

Charles released music from his point guard, a hip hop-inspirational, artist, VY Moon… “He’s a Gospel rap artist from Alabama. He’s very intelligent and very smart, and he can rap. He’s no joke. Vy Moon is ready for the world. He’s ready to go forth to let everyone know that it’s all about the name, Jesus.”

Vy Moon

Charles concludes that all business isn’t good business— he’s checking for integrity and character to matches their business of Onstage Gospel like authors, screenwriters, vocalist and thespians alike. If they are interested, they should submit their queries to Charlesjerkins041@gmail.comor click the Onstage Gospel using link from

“We’re going to reach as many souls as we can. Yes, it’s entertainment and everything; but the main thing for me is the ministry, because one day I want to hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant. That’s what I want to hear one day. That’s the reason I have such a passion and love for it. I’ve been in situations where it seemed like I couldn’t make it through the night. I had sickness. I was in the hospital over sixteen days with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. The only thing that I could do was pray daily and listen to the gospel, listen to songs that would lift me up when I was down and everything. God brought me out of it. Now, today, we’re Onstage Gospel.”

In closing from that last statement, Charles wants to remind our readers that everyone has dreams… “I’m sure that God has spoken to different dreams at different times. He probably said, “I want you to sing, I want you to preach, I want you to start a church. I want you to start that movie that you wanted to do. Just go forth and do it.” Like I said, God spoke to many people through prophetic word, telling them not to give up. Don’t give up because giving up is not an option. If God said it, it will come to pass just like with me. God say it and it came to pass. I am already going forth. I had a son that was paralyzed from thee neck down that was on a ventilator. He was hit by a car when he was nine years old. I took care of my son from the beginning to the end—he passed away October 7th at 2:59 in the morning. I said that from beginning to the end, because when he passed, I was right there. He always said, “Daddy, you go for your dreams. Don’t think small. You got to think big. God has given us a toolbox, and depending on the tools in that box, you can make your dreams come true if you just believe.”

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