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Kelly Price's Mother, Mrs. Claudia Price-North Peacefully Transitions

Powerhouse singer KELLY PRICE confirms her mother, Mrs. Claudia Price-North, has transitioned.

Please see the official statement from Kelly Price below:

“It is with so many unexplainable emotions that I must make the acknowledgement that Sunday, October 18, 2020 my mother, Claudia Price-North took her last breath and said goodbye to the world. This is something I wasn't prepared for, none of us were and I don't know that anyone under any circumstances ever could be. Respectfully I ask for the sake of her husband, her sister, my sister and myself along with the rest of the family that we be given time to process this loss privately. We know that Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal. We need healing right now, so please keep my family in your prayers.” – Kelly Price

Details for the homegoing service of Mrs. Claudia Price-North will come in a mo

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