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Hailing from the city of Charlotte, Lyricist LeeshaBaby released headbanger track called BLOCKED.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

LeeshaBaby grew up in Flint, Michigan, before relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006. She was a true PK (preachers’ kid) that learned the value of music and clever wordplay early while singing on the church choir.


Not conforming to one area of the arts while in school, the talented lyricist played violin as well. 

LeeshaBaby says that her first love is poetry, which progressed into rap. “Music runs in my blood, in my family, in my veins; so that’s what I do… eat, sleep, all of that, music” she remarks.


The beautiful creative agrees that she was conditioned to sing when she was younger…

“It wasn’t really a choice that I had, whether I could choose to being a rapper or a singer. I know if I would’ve came out and told my parents and told them I wanted to be a rapper as a kid, they would have been accepting of that—but it was just what I was around. I was always seeing people singing in the choir. My dad was the minister of music, so he was a singer. So, you know, naturally, I just gravitated towards that singing type of genre; and, really, what made me fall in love with hip hop, or rap, or whatever you wanna call it, is my father.”


LeeshaBaby stormed vivaciously into her passions of being an MC more determined as a songwriter, and venomous rapper because of that support. She contended in the 2016 BET ONE SHOT competition, where she became top #6 ranking of rappers on the East Coast

“Just met some really, really, really great industry vets; um, people that I actually still communicate with till this day, (like) Crooked I. Everybody knows (rapper) Crooked I. Sway, Sway has his own podcast as well (called), Sway in the morning—Just a lot of inspirational hip hop heads, ya know? Rza, all of them. Just things like that. That was a real dope experience, and I think that was really the moment where I knew what I was capable of, and that I can actually do really big things, because I saw that they actually believed in me. Of course, I already, I believed in myself, so they just gave me that extra push,” says LeeshaBaby.


While talking about next level creativity, LeeshaBaby’s newest single boasts that cushy push where she’s blatant in her messaging about the principles for“BLOCKED.” It’s interchangeable and deeply imbedded in the rappers’ crushing librettos. “BLOCKED” is produced by LeeshaBaby’s Father at King Poole Music Group.


The song starts like a meticulous nursery rhyme, that bleeds into a vengeful sonnet, where revenge is nothing more than regaining peace and contentment from a situation… saving good energy, and deterring the bad vibes like a mosquito repellent, by blocking everything that doesn’t bring the rapper joy.


BLOCKEDbaked in LeeshaBaby’s mental furnace for about 3 years before she used the ideas that were already stampeding in her head.

LeeshaBaby agrees that the song isn’t about a specific person but more about different occurrences that turned into a captivating bop.


“We ain’t going back and forth. We just block’em. Just, Block’em. LeeshaBaby teased animatedly. “You know, like I said, music is always a type of release thing for me. So, I can be emotional. You know, we all can be (emotional). I’m a Gemini. Shoutout to all my Gemini’s! So, you know, um, I get emotional. I get in my feelings, and you know, I can honestly remember the day I wrote blocked. It was so funny because I had a lot going on, you know—People in my ear, and then my sister was in my ear... It was so funny because me and my sister were literally going back and forth via text. You know? And, I was just like, ‘You, know, what?’

‘“I see the little bubble popping up (while texting), and I said, ‘Nope! We ain’t doing this. Block!’

“I got to the point where, relationships, all that… going back and forth, and I’m just like, I’m done. I’m not going back and forth anymore”



Although the songBLOCKEDis missive enough, LeeshaBaby brought out the BLOCKED apparel to endorse the song, and the movement even further.


Click the video below to learn more about the explosive MC while she talks about motherhood, and balance.


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