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GS11 Performs At Pop-up Listening Party In Charlotte, NC.

It was about eight in the evening, and still quite humid outside. The sun had already inched down, showing very little cast. Even at dusk, people continued to swarm the parking lot in droves. In total, there was about one hundred supporters standing indoors as well as outside, ready to meet rap artist GS11.

On August 1, 2020, lyricist GS 11, held a listening session at the premiere Queen City Basement @ Metro Proponent Office & Studios courtesy of Kim Wu, and hosted by J Pragmatic of The Bandwagon Podcast and Tiger Eye Management Group at 5551 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212.

If you were wondering about the reason folks came out to a pop-up in such a large quantum, the answer is easy. GS11 and his team used a rare but genius marketing strategy that got the attention of observers from different ages, that came out to get acquainted with the newest rapper on the rise from North Carolina.

GS11 didn’t disappoint his fanbase either. Although the studio was crammed tightly with just enough elbow room to move around, he made sure to shake hands, take pictures, and chop it up with the supporters that made it their business to be in the building.

“I got a pop-up, right, now, in the Queen City,” he says. “I’m promoting my new mixtape. It’s dropping on August 11th [called] Gastronaut Season 1.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the music, GS11 says that he wanted to create a mix-tape different than his previous singles.

The rapper is penned as “The Carolina Artist to Watch” . His single “Make it out,” actually proves that vantage where he tells a relatable story about life and the hustle in between. His rhyming is proficient and very mature. It’s Maybach Music but more reminiscent to storytellers like UGK & Bun B, just to describe his artistry.

As a matter of fact, on the night of the pop-up, GS11 released a video to his single called “Bunkin,” which is the synonym for Jugging,” and “Trapping." The song is another banger that’s mainstream with an easy flow. The meticulous vibe is best felt in a nightclub where you could just bop. It touches airwaves due to the context. “Bunkin” speaks in appealing tones to the older and younger generations, the ones that relate to the “trap” lifestyle.

The lyricist is from Wilmington, NC, where the music scene is thriving, especially for the underground and independent artist. “I had, like, older cousins, aunts and uncles, and they were all into music that they played the same. You know, just like everything else, it kind of just stuck with me,” he talked about his motivation for breaking into the rap game. “I started dropping songs and stuff like that. People started hearing me, and they liked it, basically.”

With over a decade under his belt, GS11 has opened the stage and performed with artist, but that’s not his primary focus. He’s concentrated on his own music, like his latest single, “Bunkin.” “I just wanted to come out with something for the streets, ya know. I’m a little tapped in right now. It’s summertime. It’s hot.”

GS11 isn’t looking to perform until Covid19 simmers down. He’s working on Gastronaut Season 2. He also shares that he participates heavily in community events like the Back to School Drives. “I’m always down for Black communities and giving back to the communities, doing things of that nature.”

GS11believes in loyalty and not forgetting about the people that helped him get to where he is. “Without them, it wouldn’t be no GS11,” he says.

Follow the rapper on social media with links listed below:

Watch entire interview here.

Video Credit: Grooves11/ Pop-up at Queen City Basement @ Metro Proponent Office & Studios

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