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Former Color Me Badd Frontman Bryan Abrams to Release Solo Music

Bryan Abrams; Photo Credit: Greer Inez Photography


90’s R&B/Pop Crossover Icon and Multi-platinum Former Color Me Badd Frontman Reclaims His Sobriety, Family and Career with Heartfelt Ballad


Bryan Abrams, former front-man and founding member of the Billboard chart-topping iconic 90’s R&B/Pop crossover group Color Me Badd, is set to embark on his long-held dream of a solo career with the release of his new single,“Because of You” on December 10. Available for pre-order since November 23, the stirring ballad was co-produced by long-time collaborator Hamza Lee. The song is also featured in the Leslie Small-directed motion picture, For The Love of Money, which premiered in theaters nationwide on November 24 starring Kat Williams, Rotimi and Keri Hilson.

Now in his third year of sobriety, Abrams previously announced his split from the group he founded and a renewed commitment to inspiring others and bringing awareness to the injustices within substance use and mental health treatment through his music. Abrams’ solo music debut comes after spending several years taking the power back over his life in his journey of recovery. Passing up many opportunities over the last 30 years out of loyalty to the band he helped create, Abrams recalls declining a recording deal offered by the late, legendary Andre Harrell.

“I’m extremely grateful to be able to finally share my music with the world during the holidays. I’m beyond thankful for another chance at life, and to create a legacy my wife and children can be proud of,” Abrams shared candidly. “Songwriting has always been my outlet, and with this new adventure, I’m excited to share songs from my vault accumulated after 25 years and new collaborations in the future.”

Throughout his journey of redemption, Abrams has shared vulnerably about his challenges with addiction, fame, fatherhood, depression and weight struggles in an effort to destigmatize seeking treatment for men and women around the world. Abrams is actively recording, as well as pursuing film and book projects. He is available for speaking engagements, media interviews and special guest commentary.

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About Bryan Abrams

Bryan Abrams is an internationally-recognized, Grammy-nominated, American Music Award and Soul Train Award-Winning R&B/Pop Singer-Songwriter with over 12 million albums sold worldwide, three Billboard #1 Hot 100 and R&B hits, and an inductee of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Bryan is best known around the world as the original lead singer, frontman and founding member of the hit 90’s crossover group Color Me Badd. Having lived with addiction for over 25 years, Abrams has now put his focus on his mental and physical health, and proudly in his third year of recovery. He has dedicated his life and musical artistry to addiction awareness and mental healthcare advocacy, focusing on issues affecting minorities, marginalized and underserved communities, as well as philanthropy work.

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