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Femcee, Jess Marie, Brings Good Vibes to Meet & Greet in Charlotte, NC, While Celebrating New Song

Shattering mics with a barbarian mentality, lyricist, singer, songwriter, and businesswoman, Jess Marie isn’t following any rules, when it comes to the rap game.

She’s touted as the highly spirited creative that writes her hooks, before choosing a beat, which has served her well over the years.

Jess Marie attended artist development under the guidance and suggestion of musical engineer, J. Manifest. While in Atlanta, Georgia, Jess Marie worked with celebrated verifiers, Waka Flocka and Mase. They gave Jess boot camp, training her on flow, stage presence and execution; so, she's well rehearsed dealing with crowd control, even performing in front of the toughest critics.

Taking the good over the bad, Jess Marie channels all her positive energy into making sonically appealing songs that are charged with intensity, best described as fire and ice. Her stanzas go from hot, to cold, at the drop of a dime.

Her older Album, Applying Pressure (2019), disburses songs that uphold those interpretations very well like tracks Run it Up,” and “Drip Severe.”

Make no mistake about it, Jess Marie’s premeditated verses are bops; but her freestyles are astonishingly crushing to the ego, and pride of her female peers. Jess Marie is endorsed by her knack of writing rhymes, in addition to her virtuoso of rapping off-the-cuff, which is a good recipe for battle rapping, even bards of the opposite sex.

While being ambidextrous with her lyrical capacity, Jess Marie released “Ay Papi,” a frisky banger inspired by Caresha “Yung Miami (City Girls).” She took a liking to the beat when a producer from Rocky Mountain named Thirty, played it for her.

“What I could think about was the ‘Caresha Please’ interview with Diddy when he was like two-hundred and fifty-K Papi” she explained to the audience during a meet & greet the muse beind newest track, “Ay Papi.”

The Raleigh, North Carolina native spoke candidly about the single and visuals... “Ay Papi is like a fun record. It’s different from the songs that I ever released. I’m really like, very heavy on metaphors, bars, punchlines, you know? So, this is more like A fun song. More, like, for TikTok.”

As mentioned above, Jess Marie writes the verses first. “My verses help me get a feel for the beat, and kinda direct me in the right direction on what I really want to talk about in the song, and then once I have my first verse, I base my hook around it, so everything makes sense. I’ve heard a million songs where artist will create their hooks first, and then their verses will be nothing related to their hook. So, I like to write mine. My creative process is a little different for that specific reason. “

Watch entire interview below:

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