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Female Emcees, Bad Habit, Drop Their New Single, "Issa Party"

BAD HABIT (Booney, Krissie KaCey, and Badgir) is the newest female trio that’s commanding the stage since BLUsssh Music pronounced in 2016 under the management of Mathew Knowles in 2016.

Unlike the previous group that was molded as the prevailing Destiny’s Child, who’s currently scrubbed from the internet like a hazy dream, BAD HABIT is distinct. They come with originality, persona, a fiery presence, and officious bars, which will keep them in the spotlight for years to come.

Over the weekend, Bad Habit tiptoed through Charlotte, NC, while on the Bad Habit tour where they stopped at various locations to perform and talk about their latest single “Issa Party,” featuring Bootsie Badazz.

Imagine going out with a group of friends, and sitting in the car, trying to find a groove that’ll put you in the mood, to go somewhere, anywhere for a turn-up-- The intro to Issa Party has that affect, that brings listeners to a slight bopping motion, before they’re swaying to the catchy, feel good melodies. Issa Party is giving PVALLEY turnt vibes, which takes ear-hustlers to a revelry instantly. The trio douses the mic with ignited limericks, followed by Boosie Badazz who blessed the song with a flamboyant verse.

‘Our manager, slash, producer, Kream did the beat. We came up with the idea of what we wanted the song to be like as far as who wanted on it, and stuff like that,” says Booney. We laid our verses, and we had some good people contact some more good people, and we ended up getting in the studio with Boosie.”

Everyone from the triad lent a hand in writing the song. Krissie KaCey says, “We were thinking about making a club banger, something that can pop off in the club so it can have everybody turnt up,’ she remarks when asked about the inspiration behind the track.

Bad Habit has undeniable characteristics that bellows stardom. They have style, and charisma, where they can wine and dine in mainstream, or casually switch it up, and parley in R&B. They possess talents as both vocalist and versifier, which are advantageous skillsets where they can crossover into other genres after getting their feet wet in the industry.

Already inland with a musical background from Roanoke Rapids, and Raleigh, North Carolina, the girls found extra flava while collaborating with each other.

The performers recently signed with Nu World Ent, but they are touring with mastermind, and manager Kream Kash, founder of Kream World Record Label, who convinced the trio that they’d be stronger as a faction. He ensures that “The Tour is bringing the Greatest Girl Group in the world.”

The Bad Girl Tour started June 10, 2022, in Richmond, and ran through the South, while closing out at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on June 20, 2022, Washington D.C. It will continue the second leg staring in Atlanta, Georgia in October, and running until December 2022, ending in Las Vegas Nevada.

Bad Gir, who seemed like the most expressive judging by her poise, was the bashful vocalist of them all. “Of course, I was an independent artist, I was very shy like, I would do freestyles all the time, (but) me joining the group and being out on stage or interacting with the girls. Singing, singing, never came across the path; but when I met Kream and I joined the group or whatever, he brought me out of that. He was like, ‘Well, you must sing. Like, you got to get up out of that. I used to pout because, yeah! I didn’t want to sing. But now, I’m comfortable, now. Joining the group, it helped me as a person, with music. It’s pretty dope.”

Click here for more information on Bad Habit.

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