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Blush Is Making You "Work" For It... The Group Releases New Music That's Bound To Turn

When the vocalist from BLUSH emitted themselves onto the music scene around 2013 as independent artist, they had a strong following, confounding vocal chops and engaging style. It wasn’t until they linked up with mega-talent-manager, Mathew Knowles that the world would understand their value as entertainers.

Knowles, known for his successful work with 4-time Platinum selling artist, Destiny’s Child, as well as his management over Queen Bey (Beyoncé), could only give the young ladies something that he’s all too familiar with, and that happens to be stardom.

The Houston based members, Tali, Bunni Ray and Sunni, give extreme credit to Knowles, for seeing something in them as artist, and helping to foster their abilities while keeping the context of their mission statement concise.

For instance, they promote self-love, balance and awareness, openly as well as candidly.

They aren’t immune to opinionated or subjective narratives—they choose to share their own stories through polished lyrics.

As for refinement, Mathew Knowles sent the women to boot camp and began artist development immediately. He made other suggestions based off his experience as a brand manager aside from being President and CEO of Music World Entertainment.

Blush recently established a name change. “We originally went from “BlushhH Music to just Blush. Mr. Knowles actually wanted it that way from the beginning. There was a group who had the name, but that was in the past, and maybe some years back. They had the name, and we just wanted Blush; so when he signed us, we spiced it up with the two H’s and music (title), to let the people know that we weren’t makeup, and the three H’s just bounced off the heart,” said Tali.

Under the recommendation of Mr. Knowles, Blush secured the branded name, which actually stands for, Beauty Lives Under Stoned Hearts.

Their moniker is nothing short of accidental genius.

Who would’ve thought that makeup palates spilling from a purse, would be the determining factor for their stage name?

The incident was a small role in their plight to become music mavens.

Critics and spectators often compare the girls to Destiny’s Child, which could bring about a little tension; however...

“Um, well, obviously, we knew that we would get the comparison of Destiny’s Child since we’re from Huston, Texas, and we’re under Mr. Knowles, so that was a given; but for people to compare us to that—we aspire to get to that level… so that’s an amazing compliment at the end of the day.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s pressure, because we are not going to be them. We aren’t like them, because our formula is completely different.” said Sunni.

“We are two female rappers, a vocalist, and a hip hop trio. We are consistently proving ourselves as a hip hop group in the industry.”

Sunni goes on to state that they look up to Destiny’s child and are completely honored to be in the likes of them because Destiny’s Child pretty much ruled the music era during the 90’s, and that helped them to see the vision of what they, themselves, can accomplish as a group.

Speaking of their accomplishments, the charismatic vocalist released their latest video teaser for upcoming single, “Work." The lyrics starts off against a hard-hitting beat, accompanied by hip hop from Sunni and Bunni Ray.

Sunni has a small voice, but her fierce librettos are similar to the late emcee, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, while Bunni Ray offers up a fixed and aggressive tune, to compliment their mixture of rap.

Interesting enough, Tali has a voice reminiscent of Queen Bey’s, but with a more characterized flow.

Check out steamy teaser from their latest video, "WORK"

"On the heels of their empowerment puncher, "Cinderella", Blush -the latest group to sizzle off Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment's hotplate-has listeners sweating and working for it. Their debut album, "Old School Hip-Hop Past, Present, and Future" introduced us to Sunni, Bunni Ray, and vocalist Tali while the late 2017/18 slated reality TV series about the all-female trio's journey takes us deeper inside it."

"Cinderella," Featuring Mystikal

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