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Dr. Taylor Dee is Advocating for Pre-Kindergarten Students Using Art for Literacy & Fundamentals.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Anchoring into the summer with an influx of knowledge and resources for rising Kindergarteners, Dr. Taylor Dee is doing wonderful things at her learning center the Wonder Academy.

Dr. Taylor Dee has a Bachelor’s degree in Preschool and Elementary Education (Liberty University), a Masters in Youth Development and Leadership (Clemson University), and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction (Liberty University).

The EDU-Preneur opened a summer program at the Wonder Academy. The camp runs from June 12th through August 18th, and it's already bustling with about 77 diverse students.



“I started out as an elementary teacher,” she said.“So, I taught third, fourth, and fifth grade-- and a little bit of K through second grade,  as well during summer school when I was an elementary, public-school teacher."

Dr. Taylor Dee saw it as a larger mission, when she walked away from the South Carolina public school system in 2017. She bravely launched the Tumble Bus South Charlotte June 6, 2017, a mobile academy before transitioning into a brick-and-mortar.


“I love, love, love everything about that; but I transitioned from that when I was called out of the classroom to be honest, just to expand my horizon, kinda grow my classroom. I got into training, creating children’s books, and kids’ music. I started that while teaching by trying to create the solution to what I didn’t necessarily see in the school; and that kinda led me down a whole path. So that’s where the Edu-PRENEUR comes from, because I started out in education but winded up an entrepreneur.”


We can’t share the correlation enough, that Dr. Taylor “understood the assignment," a divine calling that caused her to stalk the innate creativity within to launch the different platforms, where she sang and had fun, while still functioning as a community leader... passion meeting purpose.


Dr. Taylor Dee released several children’s CD’s, Move and Learn, Preschool Island, and Jams for Jesus.


She released Pre-School Graduation about a month ago, to introduce the concept of the big celebratory milestone to preschoolers. The book has a section where parents can track their pre-school journey , fifth grade, and eighth grade milestones.


The educator launched Dr. Taylor Dee TV on YouTube while still teaching third graders. She calls the platform “purpose from pain." Dr. Taylor Dee says it’s her favorite dais where she puts all her love in one combining music and education. The YouTube channel has over four thousand subscribers since launching in 2018 with over a million views.

The EDU-preneur released a children’s book May 15, 2023, called Preschool Graduation. The vibrant book is offspring to Dr. Taylor Dee’s animated YouTube Channel, dedicated to teachers, parents and students—It’s sing-along videos, the most basic of principles for young scholars to excel, entering their first school year with confidence and comprehension like sentence structure, shapes, body parts, and site words, that are expressions commonly used day-to-day.


Most kids aren’t privy to grammatical assembly, reading, and speaking those words correctly depending on cultural backdrop and dialect. Dr. Taylor Dee recognizes the importance of fluency, among other things that children need, to boon academically from head-start.


“Because I came from the mentality of being an elementary school teacher, often times what I would see is that children weren’t prepared,” she said. “Teaching that third-grade pivotal level where kids are going from learning how to read to, reading to learn, it was hard. It was a struggle as a teacher because I was working with students where I was trying to teach new content, but they didn’t know how to read.”


In an article published to Forbes in 2020 How Reading Instruction Fails Black and Brown Students using data from 2019, 18% of 4th grade Black students scored proficient or above while White students scored 45%. The value for 8th grade students trickled to a staggering 15 and 42 percent.  


While the racial bias, is triggering even for childcare professionals to see this as a repeated formula for failure of Black students, and especially children in general who suffer, that are red lined because they live in a certain demographics of title I or title II school. The first imprints of curiosity, development, and intellectual capacity, starts before the child reaches Kindergarten-- but, without the right tools in place, to expedite old school methodologies, like art, interactive reading, writing, longhand, play, and assembly, the children will continue to grieve academically.


For more information on Dr. Taylor Dee visit here.




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