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Celebrity Hair Stylist Deana Sanders Opens Up Beauty Supply Store "Beautaholic" In Buckhead!

Entrepreneur Deana Sanders has recently opened an all-new beauty supply store in the heart of Atlanta. Located at 49 Bennett St NW Atlanta GA 30309, the one-stop-shop offers everything the everyday women would need. Launching just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Deana has been able to thrive and overcome many challenges. She has even achieved a 6 figure salary in just under a year. Visit for more information. Deana Sanders has been working in the beauty industry for years. In 2017, she decided to start a hair extension line over the internet that did quite well. Eventually, she was able to close a deal on a location in Buckhead, Atlanta that fit her brand. It was so important to her to have a physical location because Atlanta is notorious for not having many black-owned beauty supply locations. Because Deana is an African-American women, she just gets it. She understands the culture, black hair, and what black women look for when they step into the beauty supply store. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it motivated Deana to work harder. Being that all the stores were closed, she saw an opportunity and took advantage. "I got my mask and gloves and sold hair products out of my truck! I made enough money to get a whole new building! When businesses opened back up. I opened my black-owned beauty supply," she says. Check out her Voyage ATL article Here. "My business is a one-stop-shop! We have literally everything a girl needs from hair to clothing, accessories, and lashes! Wigs are our top sellers; we also install them as well. I am most proud that my company is black-owned because there are very few black-owned beauty supplies. Being a one-stop-shop sets me apart from others," Deana told Voyage ATL.

Keep Up WIth Deana Sanders & Beautaholic IG: @beautaholic @rare_billions ###

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