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American Reality Television Awards Hosted by Luminary Actress, Vivica A. Fox.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The American Reality TV Awards kicks off in Metaverse, on OUTtv, Monsters and Critics, and in VR on Reel Mood, with pioneering actress, Vivica A Fox as hostess with the most alluring pizazz—She’s stunningly captivating, even with her own sassy avatar.


This is the first awards show of its kind, launching a pre-watch party at 6:pm EST, ahead of the ceremony at 8:pm EST.



The American Reality Television Awards launched in 2012 by executive producers Andrew Ward and Kristin Moss, as a distinctive platform for reality TV stars, who are left out of traditional awards ceremonies. Moss says that it’s not always the same time of year, so this is the 9th year.


“I think we are a testament of just keep going, so everyone who works in our industry understands what that means. You just can’t give up. You can’t get flustered, and say, ‘Oh, that's is going nowhere,’ because here we are, in our ninth annual show with the biggest press junket we’ve ever had…” says Kristin Moss.


In harmony with that statement Moss and Ward is insuring a grander show with metaverse as the driving force for the main attractions.


Shantal Anderson, CEO for Reel Mood (est. 2019), says they are really excited to be part owner n partnership with the ARTA's this year… “We are bringing in an immersive 3-D experience via your desktop computer or your meta quest headset,’ she says. “We had the privilege of making our Vivica A. Fox avatar, who’s also going to be posting in the metaverse, and doing the metaverse party, and doing a cool, really, fun, viewing and screening party. You can even have virtual drinks and chat with your friends, and virtual dance. It’s going to be a really, fun time. It’s really important because as we move forward into this culture of new tech and metaverse, it’s important that we start connecting our storylines in the real world as well as other forms of entertainment, because let me tell you, there’s a lot opportunity,; and we thought the American reality tv awards was a great place to start bringing that broadcast field to the metaverse in a cool way for your friends and family, and anyone to join.”


Speaking of cool representations,  ARTAS is inducting the iconic reality star, Tiffany "New York Pollard" (Vh1 Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and 17th season of Celebrity Brother ) into the Hall Fame.


“That’s my girl! That’s my girl!” exclaims Vivica A. Fox, when asked how she felt about honoring Pollard.

Fox, who’s a powerhouse that lept onto the bigscreen from daytime television (1983-1988) in movies like Independence Day (1995), Soul Food (1996), and Kill Bill (2003). She always secured strong, and dominant roles whether a villain like Frankie in Set It Off, or simply comedic like her character Chantal in Two Can Play that Game, just to name a few box office hits.

Vivica A. Fox is extraordinarily vocal about women empowerment and sisterhood, where she understands that it's enough room for everyone to grow in the entertainment and film industry; so, who better to acknowledge Pollard other than the grande dame in the flesh, passing the torch of benevolence and high esteem to another woman who's still on the up-and-up?

"I love Tiffany. She’s just… You know, being on a reality show with twenty women and figuring out a way stand out. She just—whenever she hits the camera or hits the screen, she just lights it up. I love that she was then vulnerable and brought her mother onscreen. She’s as real as what you can get, and that’s why she jumped off the screen, that people just loved her—And even over the years when then, she got her own reality show, and whenever I would see her out, she was always nice, always kind, and she didn’t mind doing the work. That’s a big problem that a lot of people have when they get famous. You have to realize, that to maintain celebrity, to maintain your look, you gotta do the work. You might get that exposure but then, what you got next? So, I just love that Tiffany, over the years, went from being one of twenty to having her own things; so, she’s earned her iconic status.”





Recognizing the year’s highest achievers in unscripted television production, the 9th Annual American Reality Television Awards (ARTAS) will premiere on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 5PM PT / 8PM ET. Hosted by the vivacious film and television actress Vivica A. Fox, the 60-minute show is produced in partnership with Reel Mood and celebrates the genre’s “best-in-class” across 21 individual categories. The American Reality Television Awards highlights unscripted and digital shows; series stars and celebrity talent; the production and creative teams behind the scenes; and platforms and networks that bring unscripted content to viewers. Network, cable, streaming shows and reality personalities are eligible every year, with votes collected worldwide generating millions of votes. The virtual telecast premieres on OUTtv beginning Thursday, November 17, available to stream for free at and on the various OUTtv streaming services. The telecast will also stream simultaneously on Monsters and Critics, as well as in VR on

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