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Beau'Joli "Beautiful Soul"

Beau’Joli, her music is a collection of soul-pop, island tones, that marinate eloquently over alto sonnets. The marveling musician, singer, songwriter and performer, has a stunning virtuosity. She’s creator of poignant sound with ragtime expressions lightly similar to Lauryn Hill. Beau’Joli is definitely eclectic in manner, from her gaudy and stylish fabrics, down to her garland Afro. She’s the perfect example of free... melanin poppin and #BlackGirlMagic.

“It was definitely a challenge for me to step out with the whole natural thing [hair], because of everybody having the Barbie look [Nicki Minaj]. I was tired of seeing that,” she says.

Beau’Joli began performing at the age of 7, while in her family church (Greenville, NC). She hit the stage at many of the talent shows in North Carolina, including Charlotte [NC], which is where she released her initial single called I’m Free (2013). “That was my first recorded song. I used to pass it out on the street and self-promote it,” she reflected on all the hard work and efforts that it took to get that record played.

When Beau’Joli decided that she wanted to sing, it was her family that pushed her to keep going, but she credits God, too. “They all see me, so they know what I’m capable of,” she remarked.

“I kinda knew what I wanted to be [growing up]. “Everything I learned five years ago, got me to this point, cause five years ago, I knew I had to build my craft, write more, get in the studio more, build more, and build an audience. I stayed consistent with doing that, and I created with other people. This is the stuff I did to build my audience, to get to where I am.”

Although she started in North Carolina, Beau’Joli knew that she had to take her talents a little further to set the stage for the next phases of her musical career. The indie artist eventually ventured to Atlanta, hoping to get more exposure, and she released another single called I Still. Remarkably, that single became a global success, and it landed Beau’ Joli on Pandora with her own station. She released Addicted (2015), as well as the Born For This Mixtape, which boasted another hot buzzer called Single (2016). The vocalist liberated an EP titled Beau’Joli (2018).

About a month ago, Jermaine Dupri said in an interview that there aren’t any talented female rappers out in this era. Beau’ Joli agrees. She said that if she could have a female MC on her album, it would be Missy Elliot. As for performances, Beau’Joli would dance the night away with Michael Jackson, glitter glove, sparkly socks, high-water pants, and loafers. She would go for the gusto if given the opportunity to perform and sing, I’m Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, and You Rock My World. “For my sweet seventeen [birthday], I did a tribute to Michael Jackson. I did all his dance moves with my sisters,” she gushed.

The songstress released her latest album, Beautiful Soul, with Dance With Me, as a thumping buzz single. The track is a rumba infused mix, that compliments Beau’Joli’s bluesy vocal range that’s both passionate and rousing. “You know when you go in the club, and you see somebody that you want to dance with, but they aren’t moving,” says Beau’Joli when asked about her muse for the song. “You want to just say, ‘Come on, dance with me.’ That’s how we put two-and-two together, to influence people in the club to dance.”

The song is co-written by a musician named Ashley. “On this particular project, I had a co-writer, because I wanted to see what it could contribute to the project. I normally write by myself. I wanted to get another mind on it. She and I connected really well as far as vibing and having the same point of views. She was really good.”

When Beau’Joli is penning music, she said that she considers life experiences, and often times, she creates her own fairytales. However, all of her songs emanates with profound meaning.

She has another single from Beautiful Soul called B.Y.O.B, it’s a song that stretched Beau’Joli to think outside the box of creativity. “It made me talk about myself, and that side of me. I got to say, “I finally found myself, cut it all off [hair], and went natural,” she chimed the lyrics to the reflective single. “I’m always talking about love or catering to someone, all aspects of love and self-awareness, but I never spoke about finding myself, [and] celebrating accomplishments."

Beau’Joli is a magnetic star hovering higher and higher. She plants these words into the universe, “I hope I touch your soul,” letting listeners know that she’s still on the way up.

Dance With Me


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