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African Entertainer, FATi is Creating Inspirational History With Newest Single, "L.O.V.E."

Bestowing the sweet elements of Afro-Pop music, FATi is hallmarking her presence across the entire continent of Africa.

Her single L.O.V.E., produced by Ghanaian-established Many Music Records, was released December 2018. FATi’s single is a debut from her album Give Me More.

The whirring track is a prerequisite for the overpowering sentiments of bliss. It’s a contour of love, the vibrant aspects and all the good vibes transcending from that four letter word.

The Ghanaian based songstress grew up surrounded by formidable talents. For starters, her grandmother is a thriving writer. In the 1940’s, FATi’s great-grandmother was an admired jazz singer and songwriter. She has another relative, Senebella—The Bronzevilla Diva, who is hailed as a jazz vocalist and songwriter in Africa.

Just like predecessors before her, FATi presents herself jubilantly. She has a certain zest for life, and an aura that twinkles like the brightest star in the universe. “This is pretty much, me, every day,” she says.

“Music is my first love. It’s something that I loved every since I could remember. I usually tell people when I came out my mother’s womb, I didn’t cry, I sang.”

God is FATi’s biggest inspiration for the music, but her family played a strong role as well. “My family pushed my to get up and do something, recording my music and writing again. It’s family and people that you trust, that can motivate you and inspire you, and give [you] love. It’s definitely important”.

As for the inspiration behind the blithe ballad L.O.V.E…”Actually, I completed my EP in 6 days. On the 7th day, my father and my sister helped me celebrate the completion of my album at the beach. We went back to the room to sleep—The sound of the waves kept me up, and it allowed me to write a song about universal love. I guess it’s like the nation and being around people that love me and [acknowledging] the love I have for myself. I decided to write a song so people will know how I feel every day."

While breakup tunes tend to be the most influential, depending on the audience, FATi believes that happiness provokes an even powerful sentiment. “My EP, it is feel-good. I don’t have any breakup songs on this project. I’ve written a few but, this album is inspirational. It makes you give energy, and it makes you feel sexy and sassy. My favorite track on the album is a song that I just wrote. It’s called Queen. This song, it’s for everybody. It pushes you to go after your dreams and get that paper. It pushes you to believe in yourself and [it] motivates you. I know I keep using the word inspire, but I want people to feel inspired when they hear my music. It makes you feel good. If you just graduated, or whatever you’ve gone through in your life, you can turn on Queen and feel that energy. I want folks that hear that song to know that they rock and they matter."

As an evolving sensation, who’s music is sweeping across Africa, literally, FATi says that consciousness of her melodies is everything that she hoped it would be.

“I wasn’t shocked because I believed in my music. I really felt that I put all the love into my album, and that’s what I’m receiving. I’ve gotten nothing but love from it.”

FATi is stirred by imaginative artists like Missy Elliot, who’s unafraid to be true to her craft.

The songstress has a commanding appeal in addition to that same ingenious spirit that Missy had when she first broke into mainstream “I think that [my creativity] it’s pure. It’s from my heart. I’m singing from my soul,” she says.

“My music is afro-pop with a touch of R&B. It’s one of those albums you can keep on repeat and play from beginning to end. It’s inspirational, it’s sexy, it’s smooth, it’s sassy. It makes you dance. It’s catchy. It will be out at the end of February. The name of the album is called “Give Me More.” I’m a new artist that sings her songs from the heart. I like to inspire others."

FATi’s style is sovereign—She wears garbs that are rich African print. Her natural cropped hair symbolizes a crown and the gist that she pointed out earlier—QUEEN. “When I was a kid. I was intimidated by my big lips. Now, I embrace them. I wanted to wear popping colors that really accentuate the beauty of my full lips.”

When the striking singer isn’t creating melodies, she’s hanging with family and friends, or in carpe diem mode, thinking about her next move.

In the next coming weeks, FATi plans to performs from the album L.O.V.E, that includes flamboyant songs, “Booty Go Bump Bump,” “L.O.V.E,” and “QUEEN. She’s shooting a video for QUEEN, and actually planning tours in the U.S.

When it’s all said and done, FATi wants to be known for her music. She believes in love and the possibilities associated with it. If her life were compared to any of her singles, she said that it would be QUEEN. “The song is telling you to believe in yourself. It’s telling you to go out there and grab your dreams. It’s telling you that you can be a boss, but remember who you are. You rock, you’re Queen and you’re a woman. This is for anyone that can relate to that song. You are bold, you are beautiful.

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Facebook: FATi 

Instagram: Lovetherealfati 

Twitter: OfficialFAti1

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