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With An Outstanding Collection of High Caliber Music, Rapper Can Cool Is Making A Dazzling Leap Onto

Derrick Bledsoe, or fondly known by fans and industry comrades as Can Cool, was born and raised in the scenic city of Chattanooga, TN.

It was there that the young sensation began rapping, and making a name for himself at the fledgling age of 6 years old. He released his first single, Meet Me on the Playground. The song became a local hit as well as a choral for the kids who grew up in the same city as him.

“I was getting in the truck with my dad, and one of TI’s songs came on the radio. I was rapping with the song word-for-word, my dad looked back at me while I was mimicking TI and asked, ‘Do you want to be a rapper?’ I said, “Yes.” He took me to the studio and I dropped my first song, Meet Me at The Playground," Can Cool explained the moments leading up to the kick off his career.

Can Cool said that it’s important to have his dad instructing and cheering him on. “It’s a  blessing. I know it’s a lot of folks out here that don’t have their fathers or father figures. They have talent, but no one that will help support [them]. I thank God for allowing him to help me be where I need to be in life.”

Listen here for EP Cool Season.

Giving us all the amicable feels that he could muster, Can Cool shared that he wants his own organization, to give back to those in need whether its clothing or toiletry. He advises  that all kids should stay in school so they can get a good education, so don’t knock it. Sometimes you need a backup plan.

Recently, the altruistic rapper hosted a back-to-school jam for the children in his community. “If yawl didn’t come out to that, you missed out. It was turnt up,” he declared lovingly. “We had a great time at the end of the day, and that’s what it’s all about.”

The 18 year old rapper said that he came up with the name Can Cool, because it was inspirational and symbolic. For starters, his dad told him that he “can” do anything, and plus, he’s “cool” with the lyrics and fashions.

Can Cools Personality is thunderous and jubilant—his wavy disposition is friendly, and disburses nothing but awe-inspiring vibes, which is the reason it’s easy for him to describe himself as a fun and energetic. “I’m always smiling. I’m not with the drama. I’m all about a good time,” he says.

About a month ago, the artist released new sounds that pretty much illustrates life evolving in these fast paced times of entertainment and music. Skirmishing to be more than just a one-hit-wonder, Can Cool is keeping his sounds as well as his fashions flagrantly unique.

“You got to stand your ground and be yourself. You can’t be anyone else, because it’s already that person who you look up to. You can look up to people; but, let’s say for instance, it’s already a Chris Brown, their can’t be another. It’s already Can Cool, you can’t be me. Just be yourself. Folks love people that are genuinely themselves.”

Aside from being original, he also learned the true definition of patience, when aspiring to be entertainer.

“Patience is key. Sometimes, it [will] get hard. The time [success] is going to come. You just need to stay patient and focused. You’re going to get to where you’re going to prosper [if you work hard].”

The death of XXX Tentatcion rocked the community of rappers, as someone who was still young, who hadn’t fulfilled his destiny yet. It was tragic to witness his demise. Can Cool said that it affected him as well.

“I really didn’t see him as a person until after he died [which is unfortunate]. He was doing a lot. He made great music. I think he’s a legend. I won’t lie, I don’t listen to the music, but I am a fan of him, as a person. I look at him differently and I respect everything that he did for his community. That’s still a crazy situation.”

As an artist, Can Cool wants to be known, now, for his breezy vibes and dope sounds. He doesn’t want to be an afterthought, which happens when people don’t support your talents until tragedy strikes.

“I stay to myself. I stay in my own lane. I don’t try to be anyone else. At the end of the day, every day you have something to live for. Every day you wake up breathing, just stay positive. I talk to God every once in a while. Just stay close to God. He’s going to guide you. Just pray,” he finished.

Okay, Can Cool clearly took it to church on that last response, but on a more lighter note, he did say that he was on a spiritual journey.

His single Finna Go Crazy was introduced to Urban Radio on July 16, and it’s currently playing on stations in Augusta (GA), Fayetteville (NC), Salisbury (MD), Lake Charles (LA), Little Rock (Ak), Sirus XM, Jackson (MS), and of course, Chattanooga.

Can Cool is all kinds of happy that he’s getting  radio play spanning all the way to the West Coast…”It feels good to know that every time I put out a new song, it gets better and better. It feels good to see myself progressing.

The track Finna Go Crazy stemmed from a studio session that Can Cool had with producer 217. “We were in the studio vibing and he had played a little melody. I got my flow and then I said it—I’m Finna Go Crazy.”

 Finna Go Crazy/ Fan Love

Can Cool premiered the song at Stankonia Studios [Big Boi from Outkast] in Atlanta, Georgia, where he received approval from The Worldwide DJ Coalition.

“I consider myself an entertainer,” says Can Cool when asked if he’s a rapper or hip hop artist. “I can go all the way around. I rap, sing, produce and write. I enjoy doing all of it.”

Many kids are in school, still trying to figure out their next move, Can Cool is following his dreams, which is an epic journey in itself.  If he could perform with another entertainer during his flight to stardom, he would like to hit the stage with Chris Brown—as for past entertainers, easily Michael Jackson as well as psychedelic vocalist, Rick James.

“I’m still working on the EP. I really can’t wait for yawl to hear my next song,” he says, while talking about thrillers from the album. “It explains me in my life, and what I’ve been through. I thank yawl will love this song.”

In Closing he wanted to leave readers with this: Stay positive, pray, be yourself. live life, and thank God for everything that He’s doing for you, and… Be Cool.

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