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Girl Talk With First Lady of MASON ENT, LLC, Erica Von

Snook, LB (middle) and Erica Von

Columbia, SC natives from rap group MASON ENT, LLC hosted a private listening party recently. The trio did a run-through of their mixes so that tastemakers and other supporters could give feedback about their hip hop buzzers.

About that night:

Using that good ole southern hospitality, the group served bottomless pizza and moonshine from mason jars—or maybe the drinks were tasty spirits filled with fruit. Actually, we aren’t sure what they were serving, but the guest seemed to enjoy it. 

There were empty mason jars sprawled all over the place. The panorama was reminiscent to kickbacks from back in the day, when everyone vibed to good music, while catching the feels. However, the group’s efforts were a bit more classier than the juke joints from way back when. 


MASON ENT, LLC is a faction comprising three rappers, LB, Snook, and front woman, Erica Von… No, lie, their librettos are tough like armor crushing through brick walls. They are fiercely dope. We say MASON ENT, LLC  is dope because they are. Each artist, they come with juice, their own metal sonic gifts called hip hop.

Single for your listening pleasure: Where Da Money

We aren't ashamed to admit that we love our female MC’s with our whole hearts. We’re downright bias about them, especially the ones who hustle and flow at command.

Erica Von certainly does that and more.

During the music release, she sprang to the floor, mic in hand, while using crazy drive. Von pronounced herself, by using meticulous stanzas for presentation. We loved every minute of her performance. It bled with passion at its best.

The live wire is originally from Philadelphia, PA. Initially, she lived in Columbia, SC, before trucking to California. She’s resided in Columbia for the last 8 years, and that’s where she reinforced her career as a hip hop artist. 

Her backstory is simple. She was a versatile diva, who grew up surrounded by music.

"I was a singer as a child," Von says. "I sang on the the church choir, throughout high school [and], in chorus. During my freshman year of college, I ran into [an old] high school classmate, Xzoria Pringle, who did music. I wrote a verse for one of the songs she let me hear. She listened to it and liked it. From that, we became a duo called XclusiV Chicks. That's when I found out I could actually rap (lol)."

The 30-year-old is a mother to one beautiful son. When Von isn't working, she's spending time with him, being best mom of the century.  

 Von and her young King (BIGGEST fan) at Inspire the Fire Xperience Showcase 2018.

The rhymester enjoys acting, but she admits music is her sole focus.

And speaking of her melodies-- Von released newest track from her solo project, "Profit," featuring Jazmine Phoenix. 

"Profit" is definitely a banger. The track hurls intense wordplay from both female artist, whose skills are quite proficient.

Von mentioned that although she's been mounting her career for a minute (which explains her explosive repartee), it was difficult because support is fleeting; however, she maintained a relentless drive through all of the ups and downs of her métier.

"It was tough for a while because no one heard the finished product of my solo records," Von says. "I bounced back after taking a few years off, but once they [supporters] heard the material, it's been all love. There are some who won’t support until they see some things happening, but that's to be expected."

Listen here for "Profit."

Girl Talk stemming from the listening session:

“We invited all DJ’s and bloggers, the social media influences so they can listen to our songs and pick us a good single that they like,” Von explained their crowd selection.

“We can sit in the studio all day long and everything is a jam, but we really need to get feedback from people, from this listening party so we can get an opinion [about the music].”

Erica Von has a militant spirit when it boils  down to the meat of her craft. She's either all in or she will give nothing at all. The dedication is there and so is her talent-- She has much to offer the culture of hip hop.

“Well, my contribution—My cadence is crazy. I can do any style of rapping. I don’t stick in one lane. I like to do a lot of different things whether its conscious rap, hip hop or R&B. If you name it, I can do it. I just feel like, with me being so well-rounded, it just brings something fresh [and], something new, that a lot of people haven’t heard yet.

Hailing from Columbia, SC, the group is ready for the next level of their careers. #Applyingpressure

“When you’re starting out doing music, you’ll find a beat guy, and their beats are okay, but it’s just not your style. We finally got a producer. Boom, now, we got that aspect covered. We couldn’t find an engineer to get us quality. It took us a long time to find that. Now, we have all of our pieces together. We’ve been doing this a whole year, getting ready. Now, we’re pushing out everything. It’s going to be nonstop, because we’ve been working so hard through the whole year to get it right.

Their music is available on all major streaming platforms. According to Von, "Seed" is probably the most conscious piece from the album.

“It was deep... Getting into the issues that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. I feel like music used to do that. I’m not saying that it doesn’t anymore, because there are artist that do. It’s just not enough…”

For supporters that missed the event, Von elaborated that the song identifies social injustices within the communities. “It’s what we deal with on a daily basis— Growing up in a community where it’s poverty, [and] what they’re expecting out of you, verses what they are getting—Just living life, struggling and trying to make it, and you have all these obstacles in your way. It’s hard to have a whole lot of hope, and that’s what you try to bring to the table… hope. It can happen. You can get there. You just gotta believe in yourself and work hard."

Von and members from MASON ENT, LLC are releasing solo projects after the liberation of their newest album.

Although Von knew LB prior to his development of MASON ENT, LLC, she actually linked up with the group about a year ago when LB and Snook were working on the track, “Where Da Money.” They were in the studio chopping it up. LB asked Von if she wanted to hop on the beat, and she did. 

 Von pictured with Victoria Gloria 

Now, she’s First Lady, the way Mia  X was to the No Limit Records/No Limit Soldiers. 

“They’re a movement by themselves, but a force when they’re together.” 

We recoined the phrase from “Make Me Better” by Fabulous, because it’s dead on for MASON ENT, LLC as a whole.

As for the groups anecdotes-- Von is planning on being a hip hop legend. From her mouth to Gods ears, we believe it’s possible.

"My goals in the next 5 years includes consistent synchronization of my songs, opening a few businesses of my choosing, some successful movies and/or TV series under my belt, and (my favorite part) lots of traveling around the world.

If given the chance, while on her musical journey, she'd love to collaborate with MC Lyte.

“She (Mc Lyte) is the reason I started to rap. I’m not going to lie, my first rap was trash. My brother told me not to ever do it again, but working on it so much, I just cultivated it. I would love to do a track with her first, as well as Missy Elliot. She’s super dope. Of course, Cadri B., and Nikki Minaj if possible. We have an artist out of Columbia [Jazmine Phoenix]. Actually, I would like to do an all-female album. That would be dope in my opinion. There are so many coming out now. Why wouldn’t we all do it?

She is passionate about her music, but she enjoys stage execution as well.

“I love performing. Music, to me, is therapy. I like to give [thought provoking] messages in some of my music, as well as songs you can vibe to and rock with. I enjoy talking about situations and everything [else] going on in my life. It’s a purpose."


Follow Erica Von  Instagram Here

Check for their updates at MASONENTSC

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