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Tuesday Nights Are Getting More Entertaining! TV One Docu-series, “We're the Campbells” Premiere

Luckily for #interruptedblogs, we spoke to the Campbells just to get an idea for what onlookers could expect.

So far, we learned that it’s a 9-part docu-dramady focusing on the everyday life of entertainment power-couple, Warryn and Erica Campbell.

Each episode gives a bird’s eye view of their struggles, afflictions, life balances, careers and that enormous thing called love.

Concerns about the Stellar Awards

“We’re beyond ecstatic that we are working with the Campbells. They are an incredibly gifted family of music and faith,” said Tia Smith [Executive in charge and Sr. Director of Original Programming & Production].

"When thinking of our program strategy, of what we wanted to do, they came to mind because it follows the suit of family entertainment and docu-series. All that they do, they balance it extremely well, and they are all beyond down to earth.

We see throughout this series, incredible parenting styles, realness in marriage, and how to make it work. It's encouragement all the way around. That is the reason we particularly got this show together, and especially the Campbells aboard. They exhibit that and so much more. We cannot wait for you to see this.”

In one of the featured clips, Warryn’s sister Joistarr was offended that she didn’t get invited to the "My Block Photo Shoot," hosted by Warryn. She felt that since she was under Warryn’s label, My Block Records, she had every right to be present. Erica, heard the story, and made a snap decision to invite his sister without consulting Warryn. That was a big NO.

My Block Photo Shoot

Erica's suggestions were completely harmless. She only stepped in from the perspective of a sister-in-law/ sister. Warryn, on the other hand, wasn't having it.

Their feelings are unadulterated sentiments, the kind that wraps you in hasty emotions because you understand her as a person, a compassionate human, who wants to help; but she’s a rock stuck in a hard place. His business. His rules.

However, Erica is inclined to give her opinion, though it’s extremely important that they find common ground, that doesn’t minimize what they both bring to the table as spouses, which allows them to be respectful of each other’s boundaries.

That's one of many things that makes this show a standout sitcom. It’s authentic.

Erica and Warryn have these cute little “love check in’s” [their way of communicating when they've been apart too long], as well as makeup romance/ #bootyreparations.

“We only wanted to tell the truth,” said Erica. "Tara and Mark can tell you, if it’s something contrite, I don’t know how to keep the lie up. I don’t know how to pretend that this is important to me when it’s not. It’s something that’s real. I’m always able to tap in and be honest. From a spiritual perspective, there’s a scripture that says, 'When we overcome, by blood of the lamb [will be used] as a word of our testimony.' So, as we kind of let our lives testify whether it’s good, bad, uncomfortable or new, we allow ourselves to tell the truth. It kind of frees us from holding ourselves hostage of, ‘What would they [viewers] think if they see this’ or ‘What would they [viewers] think if they know that?' I’m not held hostage to any mistakes that I’ve made. I allow myself to be free and I’m hoping that’s what other people see. Like, if you’ve gone through trouble in your marriage, who hasn’t? If you decide to forgive and love, and you share that with someone else who has issues, they will agree that its’ possible for them [to forgive and love] too."

“With our family dynamic of who we are, entertainment and music, is the sub-religion of our family,” Warryn chuckled. “I think this is just a perfect outlet for all those things and the Campbell household."

Erica admitted that she didn’t see herself in this type of family narrative, but it works… “I think a lot of times, people believe that healthy families are the exception to the rule, but they don’t realize that we are just a reflection of many families."

Tara Long [Executive Producer], agreed that it was important to create the series.

“For me, Erica and Warryn, always hold a special place in my heart. When I worked with “Mary Mary” we had quite a journey together. I thought it was important to tell a fun, family-relatable, faith-music, comedy-heart, in an authentic way, to an audience that I feel doesn’t always get that all the time. For me, the motivating factor was working with a great network that would let Erica and Warryn tell their story, and we just make it look pretty.

Mark Herwick (Executive Producer) said, “To further Tara’s point, they’ve been a member of the TV One family for a long time. We’ve always responded to their authenticity, willingness to share their ups, downs, their vulnerability with us and the audience, as Erica said. All families go through these things, positive, negative, challenges, wonderful successes, and they’ve always been so open and authentic with us. I think that’s why they’ve lasted with viewers for so long. We see even more of that this season while we’re just focusing on their family. We couldn’t be happier with what we’ve been capturing this season. We owe it all to them and their openness. I think the audience will relate and respond in an intimate way this season."

Erica and Warryn learned more about each other while filming. They are more attentive.

“You don’t want to hear something for the first time from your spouse on camera. We’re talking about something I already know, it’s just different," Erica stated. "If I find out in front of the whole wide world of how unhappy you are, it’s really straining. I think, because we have a real relationship, and real communication, it allows us to be honest.”

Viewers should feel connected to the family whether its raising teens or just going through the motions of being a married couple who’s got dilemmas.

No, the show is not a replacement of Mary Mary, but more of a generalization of Warryn and Erica as soul partners-- husband and wife.

"I think the father narrative goes completely missed sometimes," said Warryn. "We see a mother juggling everything. At the end of the day, when you’re the father and the leader of your household, everything falls on you. It all falls on you. No matter what or who does what, it’s your responsibility. My wife’s happiness in the home is my responsibility. My children’s upbringing and what they do as far as their discipline and all those things, is my responsibility. How the financial aspect of my home is carried out, it’s my responsibility. Even in our business, the joint ventures we do and the shows, and the albums, those are all my responsibilities. It’s quite a juggling act, and it can be stressful at times. For men, I LOVE my brothers because we are complex and intricate in that. We wear a lot of hats and we do a lot of things. We are responsible for a lot, but it doesn’t take a whole lot. We’re simple on the other side. It doesn’t take a whole lot to make us happy. Listen, I can go and do a million things and be totally stressed out. If I come home, all my wife has to do is look at me a certain way and I’ll feel better. I do. There’s no place like home. When you’re home, it’s right."

"Can I add to that?" Erica asked.

“My goal as a wife, and a mom, is to make sure my family never feels second to my work; [and] that they never feel like I give better energy or better love to the fans, to the radio show, that I give to them. I am tired sometimes, but I will come home cook. I will give my husband breakfast in bed, and I will sometimes go to my kid’s school programs and do all this stuff, because I cannot love the fans and it [entertainment] more than I love my family. They don’t come second. You have to make sure of that.”

Just like an adorning wife, Erica closed out our session with paramount points to remember: “Family, always comes first.”

Furthermore, “We're the Campbells” is premiering tonight, so tune-in and see how it goes down in a faith-based household filled with jauntiness.

"We're The Campbells" Kick-off brand-new week.

We're the Campbells is produced for TV One by Entertainment One (eOne). Executive Producers are Tara Long, Mark Herwick, Kim McCoy, Warryn Campbell and Erica Campbell; Co- Executive Producer is Narvin Russaw. For TVOne, Tia Smith is the Executive in charge and Sr. Director of Original Programming & Production; Donyell KennedyMcCollough is Sr. Director of Talent, and Robyn Greene Arrington is Interim Head of Original Programming and Production.

For more information about TV One's upcoming programming, including original movies, visit the network's companion website at TV One viewers can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hash tags #WERETHECAMPBELLS.

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