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School Might Be Out For Summer, But Make No Mistake About It, Class Is Still In Session!

Jacotron Potts (minister/ mentor/empowerment orator).

(Charlotte, NC)- June 16, 2018- Jacotron Potts (The POTTS “Motivational and Empowerment” Group, LLC) in partnership with the McCrorey YMCA kicked off the Stronger Experience at 3801 Beatties Ford Rd. Potts, a well known figure in the Charlotte Metro area, wanted to do something special for the young kings of the community aside from their gnarly humdrum activities, that would keep them fit and encouraged, while focusing on 8 life principles and character building techniques. Using his 20 plus years as a motivational speaker and fitness expert, Potts tackled obligatory life topics with a “leave no man behind” and “each one teach one” philosophy. “Empowering teen males to live stronger”

Through his free program, kids walked in as lone wolves, not knowing what to expect, but they left that afternoon as acquaintances and maybe even friends. 

They cheered one another on in unison during workouts, while reassuring their peers that they can achieve things that they’ve probably never done before like burpees, planks and lunges. This goes especially for the gamers and video heads that typically sit in front of the television while playing the Xbox/PS4 for hours without end. Workouts are foreign countries to some of these kids; however, smiles, illuminated across their bright young faces— they beamed with earnest pride as they pushed and pulled one another to the limits, knowing deep down inside... they conquered the unknown.

Potts managed to relate to them as only a mentor or big brother could, making their experiences fundamental and enjoyable.

Although the sessions are full, Potts said that he would love to make the fitness boot camp a permanent commodity; so, if parents didn't get the opportunity to sign their kids up, there could be something in the near future.

Watch our clip below.

 One-on-one with Jacotron Potts

Click here for the POTTS  Group, LLC

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