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Black Music Month Gets Weekly Song from Chas Bronxson Including Free Download, “Group H.U.G.S.”

For multi-talented performer Chas Bronxson, it took one listen to never-before-heard R&B groups, alongside the classics, for him to want to pay homage. That led to his latest releases, just in time for Black Music Month, launching on June 1, 2018. Starting the month-long celebration with “Group H.U.G.S.” (‘Honoring Unforgettable Groups of Soul’) the single and video will precede a weekly drop of soul-stirring new videos. Playing on actor Charles Bronson’s name, Chas Bronxson’s twist is on being a Bronx native son, with an equally tough message in his music. It defines what Black Music Month exemplifies: paying tribute and remembering great contributors to the genre, including radio personalities who delivered it. After researching and even becoming angry at the underserved representation, and outright misappropriation and even whitewashing of R&B music, he wrote about it. He points out how pop and R&B artists are chosen and popularized based on color. As a longtime songwriter, Bronxson wanted to put out his own material instead of watered-down concepts with restrictions on it, and so he incorporated his label, M.O.U.N. Records to have that level of control. Inspired growing up by all the icons such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, and especially The Temptations; he developed a consistent desire to be in a routine musical group, not solo doing ballads. As Hip-Hop emerged, his interests evolved and he joined a rap group and combined singing, as inspired by The Force MDs. After hearing tributes by rap artists like Grand Puba’s “Dedication” and Tupac’s “Old School,” he got the idea for “Group H.U.G.S.” In a musical rebuke to years of overt misappropriation of Black music, his follow up songs take us down the rabbit hole of history from details of what happened with Pat Boone and Lil Richard’s music in the 50’s to how those practices are still going on today. His other song titles favor even more potent acronyms that tell the deeper message fixed inside the track, such as P.R.E.T.EX.T. for ‘Prejudice Restricts Exposing Today's Extraordinary Talent.’ His titles give a quick glimpse into the depths his music will take you to, such as with “Black Music Without Black People.” It’s simply said and beautifully recorded. His song, R.I.P. (Radio’s Incomparable Personalities) honor those greats like Frankie Crocker whose talents carried audiences on their backs alone. Bronxson is adamant that before this era, radio DJs ran the show, and the demise of them left listeners uninformed about the community. The final week he will offer one of his own throwbacks, newly remastered, a Michael Jackson tribute “When They're Gone.” Catch each week on the YouTube channel for Bronxson’s Moun Records where you can subscribe. Those downloading the free song, “Group H.U.G.S.” are asked to donate to a cause of their choice that supports the care of aging R&B legends such as through the Rhythm & Blues Foundations or similar orgs. As well find more at on Facebook and twitter @ChasBronxson and Instagram @mounrecords. Find Chas Bronxson’s music on all digital music sites.

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