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Rap Artist, Mook, Ascends From the Dirty South With Unsparing Missives for his Illuminating Track, F

Mook [Sirod Medrell McDaniels] was a military imp. Nah, actually he wasn’t, but he traveled with his family state-to-state as many soldierly kids do as a product of war.

The family stationed in Columbia, South Carolina permanently when Mook was 10-years-old.

From there, the versifier attended Ridge View High school. He enrolled in Spartan Methodist College for a short stint, majoring in Business.

Mook left college to become an artist.

He dropped his first album called Red Roses in 2016, with his sophomore project, Mook May 18th, running melodiously on its heels in 2017.

Currently, Mook is promoting single, Flexin (produced by ODD Genetics). He recently did a college radio tour for the piece, and visited several cities making Charlotte one of those stops.

The sonnet for Flexin has a purposeful undertone.

Mook dedicated the piece to his cousin, Speaker Knockerz, who passed away unexpectedly from heart failure in 2014.

Speaker Knockerz was Mook’s biggest inspiration musically, so it was a big deal to pay tribute to him through lyrics and beats.

Speaker Knockerz was trending as a talented rapper before his untimely death.

Mook's first appearance in YouTube original movie

Speaker Knockerz: Rico Story 2

“Speaker Knockerz was a good dude. He worked really hard. I was always around him. I saw him working hard on beats. He was in the studio all the time. That motivated me, and made it easier for me to do more stuff,” Mook said.

Mook wanted to honor Speaker Knockerz by using his style and lyrical pulsations to keep his legacy thriving.

“It was important for me [to see this through]. It actually made me feel better, and it helped me [to] deal with a lot of stuff. It was my way of connecting back. If you listen to it, it’s the same sound but you can definitely hear my sound, and it’s a little different. That’s why I recommend people to listen to my music. I know a lot of people got a lot of questions, but if you listen to my music, you can hear it [my story].”

If Mook could put his life into lyrics, then his reflective single “Boss up” would be the perfect summary to his narrative.

The song has a poppish vibe with hip-hop simplifying the stanzas persuasively.

I just bossed up. As I said before, I was always worrying about what people were saying, and reading the comments [they were posting]. Then, I just found myself and just bossed up. I don’t care what nobody say. I’m doing this. I know who I am. I know what I’m doing.”

Boss Up

Recently, the 23-year-old rapper offered up a contest on social media that would give other lyricist the opportunity to participate in the video for Flexin.

Contestants had to submit their tightest bars using the beat for the song.

Mook is selecting three artist, and he’s flying them to Florida on an all-expense paid trip for the video shoot. He’s lending his platform to the lyricist, and in addition they get to use their limericks for buzz single, Flexin.

“I got a verse that I got for this single too, for other artist to get on. They can work with me without having to pay for a feature,” said Mook.

“I’m going to pick three winners. I picked a girl. I’m going to pick two more people, and we’re going to fly them out and shoot the video for this song.

The rapper considers himself softly spoken, but not too bad. He said that music was his passion, but before jumping in the rap game, he played basketball.

I played sports, and that was my first passion. Once I got into music, I loved it—Once I got into music, I found that it was my purpose. I kind of stuck with that and everything started falling into place. Everything started getting better once I started music. This is definitely Gods plan,” the devout artist emphasized.

Mook has a huge following, so he’s a internet sensation by default; however, that doesn’t take away from his capacities as a rhymester. He’s still packing heat, and with the support of music lovers, family and friends, as well as his hometown of Columbia, SC, he’s definitely giving Speaker Knockerz the distinction and respect that he deserves.

His manager, Plaguee, motivates him to go harder than ever before. He’s equally inspired by his team.

What inspire me now, is seeing my team around me. I got people that support me, and they are actually on the road with me while I’m doing this stuff (music). They are missing out [on] stuff that they have to do, to help me give out CD’s and stuff. Seeing that really makes me want to go harder, and want to make it.”

Mook said that he wants to share the stage with Lil Nock [Speaker Knockerz younger brother]. Moreover, he’s already shared the sage with Snap Dog [artist from Detroit].

What would you do [featuring Lil Knock]

“I had to learn that there is a lot of things on social media and the internet. You can’t let those things affect what you have going on, or what you’re trying to do. You got to stick to what you know, and you have to do that. Don’t let the side stuff affect you like the comments people say or leave under your stuff.

You have to look past that and keep going. My biggest mistake was looking at some of the comments that people were saying. I stopped caring and [I] did what I had to do.”

Overcoming the cyberbullying is probably a lesson that many artist have to heave through. Mook still considers himself an exceptional artist at the end of the day, who’s here to put out good music for his followers.

Mook’s motto for life is: “Stay down until you come up.”

Just because you have a hundred dollars, don’t spend that. Stay down until you get a couple more hundred, and then you spend that hundred.

“I just want ya’ll to tune in to my Instagram and my twitter. Follow me. I want ya’ll to subscribe to my YouTube channel and get onboard, because I’m really turning up this year. I want people to know what’s going on. I feel like I’m the biggest artist in the Carolinas and nobody realized that [yet].”

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Spotify channel: Mook

Instagram: @Mooktbg

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