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Music creative, Marcus Diktator Paysour gets down to business. He talks about vangaurd mobile app, i

Art & The Love of Music

It seemed like we were drowning in a room that was lit up by uproarious laughter and chatter, but premier artist and techie, Marcus “Diktator” Paysour stimulated conversations like a pro.

There, we were, at the Roco Roasting Company on Central Avenue (Charlotte, NC)… It wasn’t the most ideal place for an interview, but Diktator laughed, smothering out the brassy commotion. He championed over a dish of nachos oozing with goodness. He smiled infectiously, while telling his story—the reasons for releasing his latest LP under a beautiful context called The Art of Love.

“This is a coverage on The Art of  Love, and where I am with my journey, my mission, and my purpose in life right now; which is music, mobile technology, and just bringing out positive change in the world. If I can implement a positive influence in any way I can, I’m there.

I’ve positioned myself to be the expert of utilizing mobile technology within the entertainment industry. I have some things in the works that I won’t disclose right now,” he said.

His imprint, TheDiktatorApp is a revolutionized platform for mainstream and independent artist. It’s a digital marketing tool that displays a wide array of news content and music, so that listeners and viewers, can engage their favorite news source or artist, right from a space-age platform without the annoyance of click and bate schemes, spam or seedy advertisements, popping up every 5 seconds while observers are on the app. The software is ecofriendly and user agreeable for any smart phone (as far as we know).

This app afforded Diktator opportunities to speak with students on college campuses. In fact, he recently did a lecture at Johnson C. Smith University about  the benefits of technology from an entrepreneur standpoint.

Bear in mind that the mobile platform doesn’t take away from other vessels that are out; however, TheDiktatorApp is pretty unique. It has a built-in radio show called ItzMorethaMusicRADIO

Since IUMA released the first free music archive in 1993, the demand has grown tremendously through the years. 

Now, there are competitors bouncing out of the woodworks with international streaming licenses. 

Diktator chose to modify his platform by networking with local artist in need of marketing, as well as mainstream medallions already buzzing. He is e-marketing other news sources, which sets him aside— his platform is somewhat a one-stop-shop. 

Other interesting facts:

Diktator’s moniker is derived from Adolph Hitler. He agrees that it might be an enigma to some folks who don’t quite get the reason that Hitler was his motivation. He felt that he could began a positive movement, using the adjective for good instead of the negative connotation surrounding it.

The Charlotte (NC) native, started his career about 15-years ago, when he and several friends formed a rap group called, “NU WORLD.”

Master P and The Diktator

He opened the stage for T.I Harris [The Family Hustle, Grand Hustle Records] in 2003.

In 2004, the group opened for [Percy Miller] Master P’s group, the “No Limit All-Stars.”

Diktator released his first album the same year called Shut It Down. He continued mentoring under Master P, and actually worked on a song called Cakboy

“I lived with Master P for three months [in 2006]. I did some writings, and I was featured on his soundtrack, “The Hood Classic, and Repos,” featuring Michael Blackson and Kat Williams. I’m still in contact with him [Master P.]. He’s more of a mentor to me.”

Diktator joined Master P., and No Limit Records for the promotion of “The Giving Stars Tour.”

Currently, The Art of Love is his new project, and it’s available on all digital outlets.

Click and listen to entire album here .

“I see what God is in my life, and He is preparing me for His will. When I prayed about The Art of Love, I prayed that it would be His will and not mine. My face might be on the project, but it’s not about me.”

The rich illustration for his album was created by younger sibling, Rhianna Gaddy.

It took Diktator about 5 years to complete the album with compliments of hip hop, rock & roll as well as spoken word.  It took a while to invent a magnum opus worthy of broadcast and distribution. It’s no easy finish as a music artist. Sometimes the words aren’t available in the moment that you want them. In Diktator’s case, he grew and glowed up. Life inspired him from  experience, evaluation and conquest. He not only started as the Diktator, but he became a God fearing man, and a sensible king wed to a queen, a ruler with a young prince in tow.

Now, at 32-years-old, and a force of nature, the artist said that he doesn’t want to fit in or compete with millennials.

I strongly believe that if you stand in a crowd, you won’t go further than where the crowd is going. There are no limitations of where you’ll go if you stand for what you believe in, and be an original of who you are.

As an artist, I was making music back then that ninety-percent of the artist are making now. Now, I do the total opposite. I took off to be a student of the game. I listened and I observed. I really got to know who I am as an artist. Being with Master P, it was a blessing to actually touch Beverly Hills, touch the cars, and see that success is possible.

I witnessed a millionaire that worked so much, get up, barely able to sleep, and move as though he’s broke every day. That’s my dream, but I didn’t catch that until after my experience. That’s how I approach projects till this day.”

Diktator collaborated with a local R&B artist called Trarius on a project, Bridging the Gap. He was also a production assistant, and worked with NAACP award recipient, Danny Glover.

Diktator alongside Glover during productions

He’s hosted a sundry of events, helping the community through book bag drives, and even voter registration. During the 2012 elections, he successfully registered 50 new voters.  

Underneath the skin, Diktator is God driven.

"I am in route and the process of fulfilling my purpose. I don't know what the purpose is because it's Gods will, but everything makes sense. I'm following God in everything that I do. I even changed the way I pray. Instead of thanking God for everything, I got more technical. I say, “Thank you Lord, for your blessings, and none of this worlds.' Any blessing of this world, it can be taken away because it is not of God."

Most would say that he's straddling the fence, but being God driven, while still pushing out music, was probably the most difficult thing that Diktator had to do.

"This was the first project that I came out with that happened through life— Through me becoming the man I am now, the husband, father, family man, and the artist that I am now, it's reintroducing myself to the public. It's up to them to see and respect the man I am now. 

I don't have anything on this project that sounds the way it did back then. I pride myself on that. 

I consider the album a musical roller coaster on art and love, on all aspects, and on many levels.

There's some R&B on here, there is rock & roll, gospel, and sexiness on the new album. There's some greed on the album as well. People love what they cannot have, what they had a taste of, and what they are trying to get back."

Diktator describes the album as the type of music you listen to while cleaning the house or cruising in your car, on the warmest day, right before sunset.

The entire album resonates— While our faovorite track is Losing Myself. The screeching guitars and gritty rap is reminiscent to a period where Guns & Roses and Run DMC made “Walk this Way.”

It was total genius to combine rock & roll, and hip hop, proving that genres could cross over with the right artist in lead.

As for Losing Myself, ths sounds are compelling and much more rousing when the story is concise. Without hesitancy, Diktator delivers that to his fans.

Diktator has a few favorite tracks of his own:

Thats Alright, it's the track explaining who I am an evolved artist.

Rome, elaborates about my wife, and our union.

Pray, it’s the last track on the project. It's speaking on where we're at in the world, today. I'm pointing out certain things we should be thinking about as people. Hopefully, it'll pour into the next generation so they'll take their time and do what's right with it. It never stops with music. The only thing that is forever, is music."

Diktator is focusing on his platform,

Closing statements for our readers: Just pick up the album... download!

Click here for other compilations from Diktator. 

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