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Emcee, Kareesh Forreal, dropped latest album, ‘Just Me,’ and released amicable single from artsy pie

Kareesh is drippin with flavor— She’s sustaining in the music industry by being more vocal, charismatically visual and simply outstanding.

But, could we expect much less?

Currently, the singer, songwriter, model, producer and actress is making a remarkable debut, and she’s still nurturing her role in the colorful web series, What’s Your Chocolate. The feature is consequential of her previous work, A Change Gonna Come.

The South Carolina native attended school for the performing arts, so there is definitely passion snaking through her soul, that keeps her engaged as a thespian.

She wrote and produced numerous plays, before testing out her flairs as a performer.

Kareesh traveled and sang with well-known artist for about 15 years. Now, it’s her turn.

And by stretching her amazing vocals to the point of harmonic beauty, Kareesh created, “Voila."

"Voila" is turning heads at a vulnerable time of year where relationships are out in the open, especially around valentines; but in this melodious exposé, there’s more going on behind closed doors that’s just downright distasteful.

Kareesh sings about being in a dismal place, the connection just isn’t there and it doesn’t matter what she says or does. Her boo keeps stepping out and she’s getting fed up by the millisecond. 

Kareesh channeled hurt baes far and wide, who could relate to those heartbreak chronicles—And then, Voila! The relationship was over just as quickly as it started.

Although she released the single about seven months ago, Kareesh said that she and Marlin Krucifix co-wrote the video, and the Bungies production company constructed a fiercely eclectic visual that would merge both concepts.

The mantra is a song about being in a unhealthy relationship, before getting to a place of acceptance as well as vengeance.

Yes, it might sound a little punitive, but that’s what normal people feel when they’ve come out of a rocky situation. Most folk’s survey damage brought on by the supposed mates, and then they commence to living their best life, while making the charlatan rue the day that he or she was born.

In painting a sordid picture about all things mentioned in that last paragraph, the video for Voila depicts just that.

It’s a vibrant and enthralling flick, telling a story about love, dishonesty, and of course payback.


I’m so excited,” said Kareesh.

This is a preview party before the video is published. My next stop is in Atlanta, but I had to show Charlotte love first.”

Kareesh clutched to enthusiasm with salubrious energy during her viewing party for “Voila.”

Supporters, who traveled in the rain to be there, gathered in accord just to celebrate the singer and her successful turnout.

“I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor. You go through that timeframe wondering, ‘When is it going to happen?’

With the persistency, it’s starting to take off, not only with my music, but with acting and writing.

Some of my music has also been debuted on soundtracks.

This is my passion. Somedays when it feels like I want to give up, I can’t. Even when I go to sleep and wake up, it’s just something burning inside me. Each day I remind myself that I have this gift and I have a platform because my purpose is bigger than me.

I also started this poster buzz, which is like a talk show, but it also brings awareness to health. I reach out to people in the community. It’s my way of giving back to the youth and to the women in the community.

We have different events like fitness, and day parties that’s strictly for the kids. It’s just a fun and positive environment.

I’m excited for the premier of What’s Your Chocolate. I’m very eager because the writing has improved as well as the actors. It’s on a whole other level.

I’m going to be doing another project and working on a horror movie, as well as a drama.”

Kareesh mentioned that she might be performing in New York Fashion week as well.

The mother of two stated that she wanted to build an empire and a foundation for her kids, moreover the people of the community.

“I see a lot of youth, they are just walking down the wrong path because they don’t have that guidance or anything to look up towards. I’ve been in impoverished areas, and have grown up that way. Take it from me, you don’t have to stay in that situation. You just take it and move on. I’m a living testimony that good things can happen.”

Just like my single, Life of the Party, Voila is entering into its first visual music awards.

We wrote it, made it, and it’s done well ever since.”

Kareesh has an international vision. She doesn’t plan to stay local—not that she’s local anyway. But, she credits the entire team for making “Voila” a viral success.

“Anytime that I look at my son or daughter, I can tell them, ‘Mommy did it, so whatever you put your heart and mind into, it can be achieved. At least, try to do it.”

A mother first, and an entrepreneur second, Kareesh is drumming it into her kids’ head that you can be something spectacular in this world as long as you shoot your shot.

Kareesh is a Pop and R&B artist, but she’s voluble in hip hop as well.

She said that if she could do something more diplomatic, she’d be a public administrator.

“I’ve studied that. I’ve participated in programs, helped homeless families, and women who were victims of domestic violence, to help reestablish themselves in the community. I’ve integrated those different avenues that has allowed me to give back as well. I’m my own politician without having to run for anything.”

The woman of power said that in the next coming year, she’s planning to beef up her brand.

She’s deeply inspired by Viola Davis, who is from South Carolina.

 “With looking at women now, you have to embrace yourself, and love yourself.

I love that and I always encourage that. Some of my apprentice are BBW [big, beautiful, women] models. I tell them to love themselves, all of themselves. I love them.

You have to love yourself.

I don't have to be second, and I don't have to take, 'no,' for an answer.

We [women] are making our mark. You either respect us or we'll just step right over you."

Kareesh is feisty within her rights, so it definitely wasn't a shock that she would like to share the stage with spunky legends like Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot.

Both artist broke barriers, and continued to lead in a male dominating industry by using creativity and style, which Kareesh intends on doing.

"And Shonda Rhimes," Karresh resounded passionately.

"I want to meet her. I look at her writing and I'm blown away. She has so many shows, and she's so creative. I love how she's able to take different situations and display it from a different angle."

Kareesh lives by the motto, "My purpose is bigger than me." She feels that you should remain inspired to keep pushing forward.  It's tough being a dreamer. It's tough going against the grain of negativity, but Kareesh said that your purpose is bigger than you, so push, press forward, and go.

"I went through a lot where I've been bullied. I went through a lot of situations, even bad relationships where I was even part of a domestic violence situation. That's the reason I say, 'Don't give up. Keep going.'  Those situations just make you stronger. The way that I look at it, the instances allow me to connect with other people, through my music and everything. That's why I feel like the certain things I've gone through, it humbles me. Just like experiencing poverty as a child. The audience can feel that testimony in my writing, and that's the reason I say, 'My purpose is bigger than me, because I'm the voice for someone else."

Kareesh's latest album boasts those same thoughts. She wants listeners to know that everyone has a story. She feels that people should take charge of their situations, even if its not the best.

"People will also get to see the well-versed type of artist I am [listening to my record],  and that everybody can do it. Everybody compares me to Alicia Keys, as well as Beyoncé and Rhianna.

I love it because it just shows the level of respect that people have for me as an artist. I don't immolate those women. I'm me— But, just to be compared to the greats," Kareesh gushed, "Oh, my goodness." 

Closing our girl talk out, Kareesh said that she wants our readers to believe in themselves and their dreams.

"Nothing happens overnight. I've been doing this from 2000. I took a hiatus and started back up in 2009 as a solo artist. Now, it's 2018. You must be persistent and you gotta invest. No one is going to give you anything for free. You have to work. I went to class, did what I had to do, took constructive criticism, and I didn't get an attitude about it. At the end of the day, my craft is a product, and I have to make music that people want to hear.

I believe you should take each opportunity and go with it, and believe in yourself."

Life of the Party 2016

Kareesh  Forreal Skraps production “Could you be the one.” 2013

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