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Cast Members Redaric Williams & Allen Maldonado talk about their roles in TV ONE Original Movie,

Redaric Williams (Character Franklin) was actually filming in Atlanta, and that didn’t stop him from catching us up to speed with the premiere although he was busy at work.

Williams said that viewers will definitely have a good time and a tight stomach while watching the film because they’re going to laugh the entire time.

Maldonado [Character Ulysses] jumped in to add his commentary. Clearly, he’s not one to shy away from a Q&A because he’s hilariously transparent.

Maldonado also shared his viewpoints about working onset, and with cast members for the Christmas movie.

“The cast was excellent. Everybody had great energy and they were prepared. It was just great. Whenever you go to a set, you always wonder how the chemistry between cast is, and how it’s going to be. It’s long hours and late nights. It’s tough when it’s not that good chemistry, but with this particular film it was great, because we all had a great time.”

Both guys agreed that filming couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Speaking of the movie:

“Miss Me This Christmas, starring Erica Ash (Jean of the Joneses, Survivor's Remorse), Redaric Williams (The Quad, Young and the Restless), Eva Marcille (Real Housewives of Atlanta, America's Next Top Model), Allen Maldonado (Black-ish, Ringside) and Nathan Davis Jr. (Detroit), is the story of "perfect couple" Regina (Ash) and Franklin (Williams). The pair celebrated a fairytail Christmas wedding three years ago and seemed to have it all. Yet, now their marriage is on the rocks. When Franklin comes home at dawn after a night of partying with colleagues, Regina thinks he has cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend. Though Franklin denies it, the trust has been broken. The couple separates and the divorce is set to be finalized on their three-year anniversary.”

 Miss Me At Christmas 

The movie hobbles on the concept of breaking unspoken rules and accepting consequences for those actions in the montage of monogamy and betrayal during the holiday season.

There are many movies from Christmas past and present that elaborates different sceneros about romance during the holidays; however, Miss Me at Christams provided a unique synopsis as it pertained to the games and tricks relevant to calamity in relationship’s today, and more importantly, it focuses solely on #Blacklove.

“I think it’s perfect that it shines the light on the importance of how #Blacklove is, and understanding the different dynamics of what #Blacklove is—A couple dealing with divorce, and how to maintain, work things through, and work things out. Within that, it’s an important lesson to learn in this film [that] I think people will enjoy. 

It’s great to be a part of a project that every year, you can see it on-screen, and it will remind you of the good things about Christmas, and all these other things,” said Maldonado.

Williams concurred… “The #Blacklove thing, is so important in a sense of entertainment. Even though we’re entertaining to laugh— Art truly does imitate life, and vice versa. Even in music, and just in culture, to see more of that, and that [Black love] get perpetuated in the community is a beautiful thing. You can’t go wrong with that.”

Williams portrays a record executive, which some of our readers will get to watch tonight [ check local listings]. It made sense to inquire his thoughts on the divorce as well as the errors his character made, that contributed to the situation.

He got real arrogant. I feel as though we all do stuff to achieve a certain level of success, but you need to duck your head back down [off your high horse] to get grounded, because when you get up there in those clouds...

Coming in, I think he was overwhelmed though. I remember the first scene I had. There was just so much going on for the character as far as work. That comes with a lot of peoples career, when they start to get overwhelmed, and with that hard work, success is brought; but then you start neglecting things that’s really important in life, which is family first,” he said.

“If you’re married, then you’re married with a family. You got to protect that. You want to establish those strong family bonds, and those marriage bonds. With the character, from the beginning, he was a little arrogant in thinking she wouldn’t leave.”

Williams just stepped on millions of toes—but again, he spoke from a characters perspective, but it’s certainly realistic for men to put success before the relationship.

On the other side of the playing field, Maldonado saturated in a role that many men pursue in real life. He’s that cool nerd, who’s creeping around waiting on a breakup to happen so he can move in for the kill. He’s the “shoot your shot,” kind of character.

Maldonado felt totally heartbroken by our observation, but he knew exactly what he was doing… in the movie.

“I feel like his character is the personification in nature, he is a real threat. That’s whats going on in the world, and we see that [daily],” laughed Williams.

Maldonado cleared it up though—“It’s tough out here. It was a stretch, for me to play a character, which was lurking [preying] on recent divorcées. It was a stretch, Man. I really had to dig deep as an actor, and pull from some tough places,” he ruptured with laughter.

“I’m happy and excited for people to see, and check it all out.”

Both actors confirmed that the nerdy guy is the new “cool.”

“Nerds rule the world. You might want to find you a nerd cause that’s the move right now,” scoffed Maldonado.

We could visualize him popping his collar from the last statement.

In accord, both men shared that insecurities and receiving bad advice [from friends] is the number one killer in relationships.

The one who ain’t got one healthy relationship, got all the advice,” said Maldonado.

As you can see just by reading, the brotherly chemistry between the two cast members was nothing short of hysterical.

Even though they joked through our entire interview, they both said that the movie gave them a deeper perspective about relationships and marriage, somewhat.

I got a tough psyche where I keep that separated,” said Williams.

There are so many times that I fall into character and I start questioning my own self. I’m a single dude. Trying to stay single is tough. I had a girlfriend of five-years, and then we split.

Playing a role like that, because I’ve had different roles in the past where you get into these really stolen relationships and it’s a bond and a connection. You can see the beauty of that, but not from me personally, yet.”

As for Maldonado, he said, “You can definitely learn from the film as far as fighting for love. I think that’s the true premise of the film. You get the visuals of the love triangles. There’s three individuals that’s fighting and searching for love, and I think it’s important again, for #Blacklove, and how it’s showcased in a way that people can be educated, and also entertained, and also find some laughs in between. I think that’s what’s really special about “Miss Me This Christmas.

“[Agreed] One-hundred-percent. I can’t say it any better than that,” chimed Williams.

Whelp, there you have it! The movie is airing December 3, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. EST on TV ONE , so set those reminders. DVR it if you have to, let’s get back to love and Romance at Christmas.

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