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Health Activist and Virtual Trainer, BreAnna Dore’, creates epic techniques, while broadening the ph

While shedding excess heft is still a major to-do for anyone wanting to get fit and irresistible, as it turns out, gaining extra buff and putting on just enough extra pounds creates an even bigger buzz in the world of fitness.

Thanks to BreAnna Dore’, she initiates desirable dialogue by training clients to gain healthy weight, and demolishing myths that you can’t have the best of both words when you’re plus the size.

She also designed a fitness app for Fitness Dore, so she could coach isometrics locally and internationally, giving each member a strong burst of confidence while they tune-in remotely.

“The App went live, it was November of last year, 2016. We have a numerous number of downloads, which is great. The benefit of it [the app], originally, I was pitching everything through email. Other benefits for the mobile app is that you can do them [exercises] anywhere in the office or in the gym. It’s more convenient for clients to click on the app, pick out the workout plan and start where they are, versus having to going home and pull out the laptop.”

Her schedule is moderately demanding, from the app, to speaking engagements, and even manning a full-time career. Dore’ is able to sustain simply because she feels inspired.

“When I first created my Instagram, my business page, I shared my story. I was so scared at the time of sharing it because I didn’t know how people would react. One day, I woke up and I shared that there was one point [in my life] that I was having suicidal thoughts. I didn’t want to continue because of what I was going through, but because of the Grace of God as well as fitness, it pushed me through. I had this one lady from Africa, she emailed me and basically said, ‘Because of your story, I realize that life is still worth living.’

“I realize that the moment is bigger than just me,” said a hopeful Dore’.

“So, when I feel like I don’t want to go to the gym, or post on social media, I feel more of a responsibility to do that because there are other people who are depending on me.”

Grasping accountability from millions, Dore’ pushes through with a wild and colorful passion to assist others.

Philanthropy is another grandiose attribute that she poses. Dore' selects four women per year, and she trains them for free.

“It started because originally, I wanted to be a community activist. My entire family, they’re in politics. They are all politicians. They’re all activist in something. My form of activism was more so in fitness, so I thought it would be a generous thing for me to pick one woman per quarter, to transform for free. I started last year. I transformed my first client."

Dore’ utilizes social media to select the women based off their backstories and testimonies.

As for Dore', the Memphis, Tennessee, native works in corporate America full-time, and she rules social media with her fierce concepts during other parts of the day.

“I moved to Atlanta, Georgia about three years ago to really pursue my career as a corporate professional, but fitness was really a passion for me so, I do fitness on the side," she said.

“I’m a sales and marketing director for an accounting firm, and I absolutely love it. I make my own schedules.

Dore’ attended college while majoring in Broadcast and Mass Communications.

“My Granddad is my biggest hero, and I say because my dad wasn’t in my life. He [my granddad] stepped in at an early age. I just watched him be what I wanted to be successfully. He was a meteorologist.

I would go to the news station with him all the time and watch him talk about the news and the weather. Honestly, that’s why I wanted to get into media. He was honestly, a hard worker, and that’s why I work so hard till this day,” she said.

“I did reporting for a while and realized it was not for me. I tried to be my own camera woman. I thought I was going to have this dream job starting off at a news desk. They don’t tell you in school that you have to work your way up, and to be in a large market like Atlanta, it takes about 10-years.”

And to think, Mary Jane Paul [Being Mary Jane] made it look so easy. Yikes, so much for the anticipated dream-job.

Thankfully, Dore' had a larger-than-life vision aside from media.

"I went through this deep depressed stage in my life when I lost my father at 16. I was depressed. I gave up on everything. Literally, I wanted to quit school and everything, but I wanted to workout and I started to feel stronger, and I felt a purpose in life again."

Dore’ used social media to share her story so that she could inform and encourage other beautiful people to press on. She launched Fitness Dore in 2015, but she didn't get feedback from her followers until 2017.

According to Dore’, many women and men struggle with salubrious bulk.

“I realized it when I actually started sharing my exercises and my journey online that there is a huge market of women out there, who also are really underweight for their age, and they are unhealthy. Once I started sharing my story, I realized that there were women depressed [ and they were] saying, “I hate my life, and I hate myself,” she explained.

"On the outside looking in people think that you’re fit because you’re thin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re healthy. In my situation, I was not eating. I went from one-hundred-and-sixty pounds to ninety-nine pounds. I was very thin. The sad part about it is that mentally, when you’re at that stage, you don’t even see how thin you are.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t know that I had lost that much weight. I think that’s what scared me. One time I looked at a picture of myself. I was on a picture with friends, and I looked at the picture… I was afraid of how thin I was. My aunt said that I was starting to look sick. That’s when it hit me. That word, sick, scared me.”

Weight loss is a goal, however, gaining weight is an aspiration as well. There are simplistic poises to being hale and hearty.

“I feel like the balance for me is just feeling happy and confident with myself.”

Dore’ said that she chooses to focus on being in shape, instead of weighing in and obsessing about numbers on the scale, and not to mention that she sets plans in motion for her busy life. She also prays.

It’s safe to say that Dore’ considerers the scale an arch enemy.

“I tell my clients not to look at the scale. I tell people when they’re in the transformation stage, to take pictures because the pictures will show the point more than anything, and the way that the clothes fit. When wearing jeans, people can judge themselves based on how their clothes fit."

Cardio is a great workout mechanism for anyone wanting to lose weight, however, it’s not a great idea for people that want to gain weight. Dore’ says that she lifts dumbbells and she does squats to keep those muscles popping.

In fact, there are other fascinating dynamics to gaining weight.

“The key thing that you need to remember is that you need to incorporate more calories than what you’re burning. That means for protein, you need to do salmon. Protein is the number one thing that will help you gain weight. You should eat peanut butter too. I would say that I eat the same for a person that is trying to lose weight. I just take in more calories than they would. My dishes are larger, my portions are bigger, and I eat more snacks.

I eat about six meals a day and I sneak in between. That’s how many [meals] you’re supposed to take in to lose and gain. You’d be surprised. It’s all about the portion size."

Dore’ doesn’t dine on vegan, but she keeps peanut butter handy so that she can nosh throughout the day.

There is no avenue that Dore’ is afraid of when it boils down to being physically fit and mentally fabulous. She’s also an advocate for teens who want to gain weight too.

“I get so many teenagers and young women that approach me about how they can gain weight because the Thick Fit is the trend right now, so I suggest that people take Mass XXX, because it’s the route that I took. It’s a protein powder at GNC. It’s pretty much the only protein powder on the market that’s clinically proven that you gain weight and maintain the weight as well, but a lot of college students that I train said that it’s not affordable, so I suggest people [drink] Ensure Plus. I [drink] it and it helped me gain weight. I [drink] a bottle every day.”

According to Dore’, the journey to weight gain and weight loss transformation is a mental alteration as well.

“I’m not so much focused on the physical outlook of the transformation. I’m more focused on the overall wellbeing of the individual, meaning your mental state. This whole process is one-hundred-percent mental. For you to see the results, you must accept that this is not going to happen overnight.

I work with my clients mentally first and then we go through the transformation stage physically.

That’s why I consider myself a very different trainer. I’m doing this for a purpose, it’s not just because I want you to look good. No, what’s the purpose in that. If you aren’t mentally here, you will revert to where you were."

Quads and Glutes Wotkout

If you want to know more about BreAnna Dore' and her wonderful workouts whether gaining or losing, click links below and get engaged.

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