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Trick Daddy Is Hitting Atlanta, GA For The Legends of Southern Hip Hop Tour, Alongside Scarface, 8Ba

Trick Daddy helped to place Miami on the map for [hip hop] culture in music cognition...

Maurice Young, or known to fans as Trick Daddy, is often misunderstood in the eyes of the media. His views are strong and compelling when concerning women, in addition to the genesis of rap.

Believe it or not, Trick Daddy's reasons for feeling this way is completley valid.

Creatively speaking, rap music derives from a place of conquest and resilient struggle. 

If rhymesters are worth their salt, they talk about these bizarre life experiences which makes for a wildly magnificent story-line.  

Take Trick Daddy's situation for instance. His background is a cross between cinematic movies,The Godfather and Illegal Tender.

He was raised in Pork-n-Beans projects (Liberty City) Miami, Florida, before he and his brother went to live with his father, a local pimp by the name of Charles Young.

Young eventually taught Trick Daddy and his brother, street hustle. He turned his impressionable kids on to the drug game among many other hard knock devices.

During the 90’s Trick Daddy might’ve been a force to be reckoned with, but Lord knows he only used the tools he was taught. Either way it goes, something shook some of that wildness out of him.

He was in and out of prison from the age of 15 years old until his early 20's. Unfortunately, Trick Daddy didn't really understand about the consequences of life until his brother was murdered in 1994 while he was still locked up.

Imagine how that must’ve felt… the closest person to him, his best friend being murdered and there wasn’t a darn thing that he could do to intercede.

Who knows, it probably still haunts him till this day.

May it be saving grace, or divine intervention, but after Trick Daddy got released in the 90’s, Founder of Slip-N-Slide Records became somewhat a mentor to the young hellion, and convinced Trick Daddy to pour his focus into music instead of the environment, which eventually helped to sculpt his gruff mannerism and lyrical wordplay.

Bear in mind that this is just the surface of his life-cycle, because there is so much more that Trick Daddy endured.

From his past, and everything in between, Trick Daddy’s complex opinions and obstinate drive, is what kept him going all these years.

He's a storyteller in the hip hop culture.

His street vernacular interlaced with his own realities and experiences is the reason he’s been around for over two decades, spitting the roughness about life.

Trick has about 8 albums and two mix-tapes. He released his first LP in 1997 called, “Based on True Story,” with his next banger in 1998 entitled,

That record encompassed the outrageous buzz single, “Naan n**** featuring Trina. 

Hit after hit, Trick Daddy implemented a new sound that was different than Uncle Luke, which consisted more of a booty-hoppin club anthem, whereas Trick Daddy’s flow is hip hop, flirting with blood raw plots.

Recently, Billboard published an article saying that Trick Daddy & lyricist, Trina, were releasing an album together entitled “TNT, as well as a new single called “Smooth Sailing with Ali Coyote.”

The two hosted a backyard barbecue with 99 Jamz at Winwood Yard in Miami. The Miami rappers presented vitality and animation, rousing the crowd with their old-school anthem, “Naan n****.

Speaking of crowd hysteria, Trick Daddy is hitting the Wolf Creek Amphitheater with the #LegendsofSouthernHipHop this upcoming weekend or more exactly, he’ll be tearing the stage up on 07/29/2017 alongside the heavyweights.

He couldn’t be more excited about performing.

“Well, I’ma tell you how big it is for me. You got Pastor Troy, who is like my brother from another mother, and Bun B, they were actually the first two from the South that got played on the New York radio. We got added the same week, okay. And we got, Scarface, [who is] like my uncle, 8 Ball & MJG… I felt like a kid in the candy store. When I did music when I was coming up, I never got the hot artist to feature on my music. I got the artist that I listened to, that I believed in, that I grew up on, and I wrote songs that I heard me and them, on together; and that’s how our work came about.”

Trick Daddy went on to say that he and Bun B had a conversation [jokingly] about how his [Bun B’s] wife, and how she wasn’t going to leave the show until Trick Daddy performed.

While people don’t get to see his sympathetic side, Trick Daddy was extremely grateful.

“So, I really appreciate ‘The Legends of the South.’ For the main reason, I appreciate those guys for putting that tour together.”

Trick Daddy also said that although Miami welcomed all types of sounds to the area, with regards to consumers, radio stations and clubs, no one really paid respect to the artistry pouncing from the deep South until 2 Live Crew made it possible.

“The closest thing that they did to showing us love was 2 Live Crew, and Rest in Peace to Fresh Kid Ice, he passed away today. The only thing they had was 2 Live Crew  because they had those women on a stage.”

Furthering the discussion, Trick Daddy stated that Miami was put on the map for the heavy artillery and drug involvements, it was never for the music.

When I started getting recognition from the labels, from the record execs, and most of the buyers, and the people at the mom and pop stores--- cause a lot of the people that sell music, if they don’t sell platinum records, they don’t even know what I’m talking about.”

Trick Daddy shared that because of 2 Live Crew’s entrance, buyers could experience their sound, accents, stories and different progressive origins of rap.

Since he simplified what it meant to be an artist in Miami during those times, it’s safe to assume that they’ve earned their placement in Hip Hop, from East Coast to the West Coast.

As for "The Legends..."

“I really appreciate the fact that I actually got to be a part of the 'Legends Tour,' something that is making history, and something that will be forever.

They can take me out the ghetto, but they can never take the ghetto out of me. And one thing they can’t do, they cannot stop my platinum hits.”

Wheeew, bring it Trick Daddy! Let the folks know why you really came to swerve on'em. 

Trick Daddy delivers a well spent story with ruthless stanzas— For him, music is not about mainstream. It’s the essence of a life-force woven into different fabrics of a story. The grit, truth, and methodical vibrations of hip hop.

Get tickets to The Legends of Southern Hip Hop here.

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