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Aw Snap! The Hamiltones Hit The TCB 54 Hundred Bar, Serving Heat With No Chill.

Left to right: 2E, J Vitto, Tony Lelo

The Hamiltones Brought That Old Thang Back!

Charlotte, NC—July 22, 2017—The Hamiltones rocked out at the TCB 54 Hundred Bar & Grill for a fab day party, hosted by Nuff Ced (The Ultimate Host) with special appearances from Charlotte's on Prince of Soul, Anthony Hamilton, in addition to a visit from Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

Keeping eyes and ears glued for updates, we learned through social media that the Hamiltones tore it up. Their performance was as entertaining as New Edition at the BET Awards, coupled with a sound similar to the Chambers Brothers , but with engaging soul.

Shyness is not a reality for the singers; they are completely open and humorous while in chorus, so it made sense that they would put on for the city of Charlotte.

In person, the fellas took it back to an A cappella hymn during a press junket 20 minutes prior to their performance.

Click here for that session.

Couple of relevant facts about the Hamiltones

The singers agree that the most important aspect of their performance was the fact that they were in Charlotte.

While the members are technically from outlying areas, they consider Charlotte their hometown.

Tony Lelo is from Morrisville, 2E is from Greensboro, and J Vito is from Wadesboro,NC.

According to the trio, they were introduced to Anthony Hamilton, and five years later, the group is still here.

In so many words, the faction said that they are being true to who they are, which is important. The hilarious singing ensemble are the same as when they started out. Basically, they are here to stay, and don’t even think about trying to make them conform to any mainstream standards cause they aren't having it.

They recorded their first session in 2015, which was considered a spoof (The “ah ha” light goes off, and they realized that this might be something pretty dope).

From that first assembly under the Granddaddy crooner, Anthony Hamilton, the group continued to make humorous imitations of anything remotely insane, resulting from media propaganda or critical moments from our POTUS.

Although the Hamiltones sing a range of covers, they have the aptitude to shut the drama down by making heavy situations light and comical.

They are undeniable crowd controllers. The singers could turn a wildfire into a night of roasting marshmallows in the woods, leaving villagers wondering, “Was this fire really that serious?”

The Hamiltones will have spectators second guessing their life choices, fah real. In all seriousness, they are the innate singers with the ability to finesse and captivate their audiences with booming voices and synchronizing accords.

They embody R&B-- the Hamiltones are the true essence of Rhythm and Blues.

Catch our chat here

Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones - Donald Trump will Grab You by the Pu**y

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