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Pastor Troy Talks About New Album, Legends of Southern Hip Hop Tour & Moments of Solidarity With

With an eagerness to please his fans, Pastor Troy dropped a single from his newest LP called “In Atlanta (featuring Drumma Boy)."

The song boasts a hype and rhythmic vibe with a vital hook. PT pays homage to his hometown of ATL, by celebrating the cities gritty and rural authenticity.

"In Atlanta" is a cosmic breakdown of letters and stanzas that's symbolic to when hardcore rap was intentional and genuine.

While the single is a resounding teaser from PT’s latest project, which is set to release on July 28, 2017, the album gloats with something so much more personal.

For instance, PT mentioned that the initials “O.G" on the album cover stands for “Original Gangster.”

“Well, you know, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, now. You, know, dropping my first album in 98. On the grind a year before that, so, you know, I’m just O.G status. I’m still doing shows. I’m still doing my thing. I gotta lot of knowledge to give to anyone that wants to take it.”

 Lyrics for "In Atlanta"

And what more can we expect, the rapper is doing what he does best by getting generations amped in a feel good and yet brazen atmosphere.

Since we're chatting about the latest and greatest album drop, here is something else you may not know:  PT shared that he doesn’t like a lot of cameos on his records. He prefers that fans speak directly with him. He also shared that on this recent mixture of urban rap, he did a single with melodious vocalist, Anthony David.

“He’s singing on the hook for me. The song is called “Beautiful Problem.” It’s talking about relationships. Man, it’s just going to be a real dope album. It’s a little something for everybody. It’s 19 tracks on there, and I think we’re touching on a lot of issues and addressing a lot of things."

The motivation behind “Beautiful Problem” is basically about the highs and lows of a relationship.

When he said the album was a compliment for everybody, he wasn't kidding.

Though touching on sentimentals on his latest creation, PT is still one heck of a high-volume rapper.

Ergo, Pastor Troy’s stage name comes from a combination of his dad who was a preacher, and the surly character from  Face Off, “Castor Troy.” It’s the perfect mix of good versus evil, under one incredible moniker, which he eludes to frequently throughout his music.

Speaking of PT's prominent bass and lyrical subtext, there's one thing for definite certain, his killer lyricism allowed him to release about 26 albums with two-decades of amplified crunkness.

 “We Ready” served as his breakout album in 1999. During July of 2015, PT released "War In  Atlanta," the predecessor album before O.G.P.T, which is set to drop on July 28th.

Adding to his display of artistic ability, the legendary rhymster won a few awards with the “Legends of ATL” as  his more recent accomplishment in 2016.

The award easily endorses his rowdily, musical presence, while on the Southern Legends Of Hip Hop Tour.

PT said the most meaningful part of the tour is his worthiness of being in good company with the greats.

"Sometimes, you just can’t recognize the work you put in yourself, you know what I mean? As I see at the concerts, just to be a part of this, we’re like, the hall of fame, us, guys. It’s like a blessing and an honor just to be rocking with Trick Daddy, Juvenile, and Mystikal.

All those boys respect my work just as I respect theirs. It’s a great thing for me. I’m the youngest on the tour, so I’m already smiling, and then I’m the only one from Atlanta, so I’m sho’nuff smiling. It’s perfect."

Whether he knows it or not, PT is a mighty voice for the south, and he’s always maintained a solid relationship with the other rappers reppin Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, PT mourned the loss of his closest friend, Shawty Lo. 

It was very… eye opening. We were so close. We had just ate dinner that Monday (evening). Tuesday night, and over into Wednesday morning, he passed.  That Monday we just had conversations. We’ve known each other for years, but we had such in-depth, and detailed conversations that night. It was crazy. We never talked about people [maliciously]. We talked about where we were from and people we knew. After it was said and done, it was almost like, he saluted me and said goodbye.

We hugged and told each other that we loved one another before we left, so… I was content on going to his funeral or wake, or anything like that, man, because he was still so alive to me. Even with the movie,[Down to Come Up], editing it, I had given the script to Yung Joc. I had given the script to Young Dro, but at the of the day, I felt that I wanted to do it with Shawty Lo. I knew he was gonna be there, and take it serious. I knew he was gonna be available for me, and he was. The movie is glorifying him. It's almost like… Well, it’s not almost like. He is the star of the movie. Now, I’m the co-star, and I’m cool with that.”

Clip from movie premiering this fall Down to Come Up

PT also elaborated that he’s had some dope music sessions through the years, music that was so hot that it never made it onto his EP.

“One of the dopest sessions that I ever had, that never made it on a mix-tape or radio, was probably this joint I did with TI. Me and TI did a song together. It was for his last project, and it sounded really, really good. [It sounded] so good that they said, “Nah, we aint putting that on there.”

The rapper also has an online radio show on

I have all my all of my industry friends [on the radio show]. Trick Daddy called in this week, Mystikal done called  in and checked in with me. It’s just real dope, Man. All the guys from “The Legends” tour. It’s an outlet for me to promote what I got going on, and the concerts, where I’m gonna be. It’s not limited to the frequency of just the city. People [are] checking in with me from all over the place, DC, Chicago, Miami, Pittsburgh and Virginia.

Pastor Troy articulated that he makes music for the people of Atlanta, and that if he could collaborate with anyone, it’d be Master P, which he’s mature now and twenty years in the rap game. It just makes sense to make music with other legends.

Speaking of iconic beings, don’t forget to catch the Legends Of Southern Hip Tour that’s set to take place at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater  Atlanta Georgia on July 29, 2017.

In conclusion, don’t forget to cop PT’s album, cool? Cool!

Follow PT:

Instagram: Down To Come Up

Facebook:  Pastor Troy OGBT

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