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The Professional Business and Beauty Expo Makes its Way To Haute Philly!

Philadelphia (April 23, 2017)- The extravaganza is set to take place at Hilton Doubletree Airport (Hotel) in Philadelphia, PA.

Celebrity Hair Stylist and Founder, Jacquelyn Jackson-Douglas is sincerely excited about the jovial occurrence

With about 31-years of experience under her belt as a master coiffure, she knows a thing or two about funky styles and color, which is a favorable reason for such an occasion.

Speaking of the sassy affair, superlative professionals locally as well as countrywide, plan to attend, whether teaching or networking.

Jacquelyn said that even though the event is right around the corner, any licensed hair servicer can take part in the happening. Just visit the website and register here.

“I know we have some really hot, top-notch, educators coming from Atlanta, New York and Washington—so a lot of people want to get involved,” she said.

Jacquelyn, known for her color techniques and rococo styles, owns Mark Anthony’s Revelations Beauty Salon in Upper Darby, PA. [The shop is named after her son].

Jacquelyn is a jack of all trades. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Education from Temple University, in addition to her teacher's license and Master's Degree in Cosmetology from Dudley University.

Aside from working in the salon, she travels and teaches hair-care seminars state-wide.

“I kinda do classes at least once a month. I’ve worked with a hair-color company called Solutions Industries, based out of Houston, Texas. I teach classes for them, as well as under my own brand called Hair Color Revelations, which I host out of my shop and different areas in the state.”

We are happy to report that Jacquelyn not only secures the bag, but the satchel is toppling over with many other endowments.

The CEO is originator of the Philly Beauty Network, an assortment of collaborative hair technicians that mentor, network, host events, classes and webinars monthly.

"The Philly Beauty Network-- for several years, I’ve been doing different show-events, and educational classes. I’ve basically been doing them by myself, which is very hard. Once I got into this one [event], I noticed that the team makes things a lot better. When I figured that out, ‘the team work makes the dream work,' I created a network where people came in from all aspects of the hair industry and just really connected, “she said.

Jacquelyn caters to A-listers, and she runs a successful business, all the while writing books.

Quite comfy in her leading position, the beauty aficionado wants to encourage others to pursue their goals in a strategic way so that the outcome yields success.

“I thrust myself into the industry by doing awesome color services. Color is my specialty, so I am known for custom colors. Basically, my custom colors are what’s got me noticed, and how I can get in front of people and speak about education and things like that,” she said.

“Okay, the Professional Beauty Expo is going to be held on Sunday April 23, in the Philadelphia area, at the Philadelphia hotel. I got into the expo for the beauty industry, so [people] they can reach their next level of success.

The expo is going to have education, information and new techniques from the stylist, as well as live entertainment.

We’re going to have a hair bash where individual stylist that’s in our community, such as iconic leaders and industry leaders, they’re going to be able to do their own showcase; to put on a nice individual artist-like event, to show up-and-coming stylist new techniques that they can take into their salon and make more money.

I just want them to reach the next level of success,” she finished.

Jacquelyn attends courses to stay up-to-date with trendy styles. She acknowledges that the market for hair stylist is very cutthroat, and to keep her clients happy, she must stay alert.

Interesting enough, Jacquelyn has a solid five-star ranking throughout the internet, without a negative review in sight. It’s a no-brainer that education coupled with principled services helps to maintain the branded image of Mark Anthony's Beauty Revelations Salon.

“I try to keep it as professional as possible. I’m not one to keep the clients there all day long. I’m an in and out hairstylist, so that’s one of the main reasons they [customers] come. They aren’t sitting here, waiting five, six, and seven hours, just to get a deep [condition] blow-dry and curl. I’m very fast and efficient. I know what I’m doing.”

Since we're talking about the #bossdiva, and her level of expertise, she said that you’ll see multiple layers of neon and pastel hair colors this Spring. She also stated that if lace fronts are done correctly, they can become protective styles, though she chooses to shy away from that type of hair piece.

Jacquelyn said that there is a big misconception with natural hair—people are afraid that if you apply heat, it won’t bounce back to its natural state, and that’s not true. According to the beloved beauty pundit, women shouldn’t overdo it, by applying heat daily, which could result in hair damage.

Suffice to say, Jacquelyn’s schedule is stark tight, but she still makes time for rest when necessary; and that is another reason her enterprise is so official—she sets healthy boundaries for each component of her life.

Click here for more information on about the Professional Beauty Networking Event.

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