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#MUA TO #DIE FOR... ROUND #2: My Bloody Valentine

Yes, we know! Hot and heavy sex, romance, flowers, chocolate drops-- sexscapades and more, at least that's the universal picture that we receive when glancing across the globe at one of the most exotic holidays on the the planet (unless you know of another day)!

Yeah, we get it! Love is in the air... your endorphin's jumped on the Richter scale and you might be ready for whatever without giving one iota about tomorrow (Inserts wink and flirty smile here).

Just know: We're certainly here for the merriment and all of the positive vibrations of V-DAY; however, INterrupted decided to switch it up a bit and get involved with the uber creative aspects of Valentines from an MUA's perspective...

Once again, we've hit Instagram to find some pretty fanciful #screamqueens, in hopes that they were going to give us life with their artistic makeup art!

Check out our selections above... you'll find that they are most savory for such an occasion!

We hope that you enjoy-- HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

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