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20-year-old Entrepreneur Toni Clay has recently added a cosmetic line to her list of business ventures. 'Sweet Box Beauty'has tapped on popular transgender beauties such as Tokyo (celebrity hair stylist) and Japan (celebrity make up artist) to help unify the beauty industry. The line features an assortment of lip glosses, mattes and eyeshadow pallets to enhance the natural beauty of the everyday woman. Sweet Box Beauty is available now exclusively at

Toni Clay is from humble beginnings in Houston, Texas. After experiencing heavy bullying and racism in school, she opted to remain positive and channel the pain she felt into something that would help unify the world, hence the birth of Sweet Box Beauty. Prior to the launch of her cosmetic, she attended Sam Houston State University to pursue a career in biology, Feeling much like a fish out of water, Toni dropped out after her first year. Now, she has made it her life's work to make women all around the world look and feel beautiful. She is also getting involved in the restaurant industry as she's opening her own location of the popular "Krab Queenz" franchise. Toni is a true example of staying true to what you love and listening to your inner voice.

"I started learning how to do makeup when I was 15 and instantly fell in love with the art of it. That’s when I initially thought of the idea to create my own beauty brand. I wanted to create a cosmetic line that is inclusive for everyone. My “HERSHE” makeup collection not only focuses on the aesthetics of chocolate, but has a very important meaning. HER/SHE = HERSHE, are feminine pronouns. Makeup is an important aspect in feminine energy for most women. The confidence that makeup gives and the art of it is my favorite part of beauty," she says.

Toni Clay’s perseverance and unflinching concentration on her main goal of unifying the beauty industry continues to prove worth it. Select cosmetics are still available. Visit for more information.

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