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Zeus Network's Setting It Off With 'BAD BOYS: LOS ANGELES' Premiering Sunday March 20th

Disorderly, and utterly UNHINGED, The Bad Boys of Los Angeles is kicking off with haymaker swings. No, really! They are bringing the rambunctious, wild, upbeat, and most enthralling personalities to reality TV thus far.

About "Bad Boys: Los Angeles"

For years, the girls have held down the title of “bad”, while the fellas have stood on the sideline -- but now, it’s the guys turn to lay claim to the crown. Reality star Milan Christopher, celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright, notorious offspring Kerrion Franklin, and Insta-famous stars Relly B and Andrew Caldwell, join a cast of some of today’s biggest personalities to establish a “brand”, start some mess, and take over LA! While the girls may be baddies, the boys are setting out to prove that they are the baddest.

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