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Yorli “Super-Agent” Huff: More Than a Comic Book Protagonist

Everyone has a staunch beginning to their life, while on the road to success. For Yorli Huff, it was everything intrepid, and absolutely unimaginable.


She spent time as an undercover drug agent working for the task force at Cook County Sheriff Department in Chicago, Illinois from 1992 until 1997, before walking into another procession as senior fraud investigator for Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Yorli fougnt bad guys, and crime across the board, becoming a superhero by default starting at the age of twenty-four whether she knew it or not.


“As life would have it,” Yorli began explaining the trials that led to her becoming a cartoonist.

“I ended up being discriminated against at the police department at my agency, and I filed a complaint internally, and they threatened to kill me. I had to go to the FBI to get my charges with EEOC, and after an eleven-year legal battle, I won.”


The officers from the sheriff department threatened Yorli for coming forward with claims of racism, sexual harassment, and prejudice within the precinct, and when that didn’t deter her from pursuing the lawsuit, the officers set her house on fire.


The fight was long and ardent. Yorli faced blow after deafening blow, but never a defeat. It didn’t slow an untiring Yorli from her mission, even though God hadn’t made it quite clear on her next course of actions outside of achieving retributive justice.


I ended up starting to invest in real estate, one piece at a time, one piece at a time, just building my portfolio-- and as God would have it, I ended up having to file a case against Blue Cross Blue Shield for discrimination. I described that opportunity at Blue Cross Blue Shield, was the transportation to get to my next destination because I knew once I won the case, I wanted to pitch for a movie deal, and I wanted to follow that endeavor wholeheartedly. And, BlueCross was just the transportation to get to my destination, but God saw it differently."


Not only did Yorli enlarge her income with real estate investments, but she launched a balloon wreathing company (1992), Just For You Balloons, as well as Executive Dry Cleaners, INC.

She founded women’s inspiration and empowerment platform Engendering Strength, INC (2008). In 2010, Yorli authored and self-published autobiography, The Veil of Victory, a manifesto that would become the impetus for the 2015 birth of Superhero Huff comic book series.

While working at Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Yorli cycled, and road the train back and forth to work—During those stretches, Yorli got acquainted with other riders that became her test subjects for The Veil of Victory, once she completed the manuscript. Although the associates loved the book, Yorli didn’t get the accolaids she hoped for. So, one day, while on bended knee at the bus stop, she posed s question to God, “Why did you give me this, and there’s no doors opening. Where is the deal? Who is the person, where do I go to put this together?”


Once Yorli uttered the inquiry, God responded…

Manifesting more of what she envisioned from the original manuscript, Yorli partnered with mentor and luminary comic that's known for his black depictions for both Marvel Comics, and D.C Comics, Arvell Jones.

Together, they plan to release an exclusive comic book in addition to the biopic that supports The Veil of Victory manuscript.

Yorli says that's she's releasing action figures that compliment the already booming comic book and apparel line for Superhero Huff.



Watch the entire interview below.





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