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The Evolved Co., Makes Public its PerformH2O Performance Water.

Krish Sidhu (CEO and President of The Evolved


The Evolved Co., a trailblazer in innovative hydration solutions, proudly unveiled its leading product, PerformH2O Performance Water, fortified with Below 33 Frequency Technology (< 33™). This cutting-edge beverage was crafted to revolutionize hydration, enhance performance, and encourage optimal well-being for athletes and health enthusiasts. Now available on in a convenient case of 12 bottles, each containing 500ml (16.9 FL OZ) of water powered by the remarkable < 33™ Frequency Technology, PerformH2O has been developed to prevent dehydration and facilitate adequate rehydration, even under challenging circumstances.

PerformH2O Performance Water is redefining the hydration landscape, providing not only a source of refreshment, but a gateway to peak performance for athletes and individuals striving to be their best. Krish Sidhu, the visionary President and CEO of The Evolved Co. brand, shares his insight on this groundbreaking development, stating, "Innovation is at the heart of our company's mission. We believe that breakthroughs in science and technology can transform our lives for the better. With PerformH2O and Below 33 Frequency Technology, we're taking the effectiveness and benefits of proper hydration to a level previously unattainable."

PerformH2O Performance Water represents the culmination of extensive research and development, unveiling a game-changing innovation driven by the remarkable < 33 Frequency Technology. The wafer-thin < 33™ hydration formula frequency-plate positively affects the thermodynamics of how water solvates ions and improves transport across cell membranes. Among other benefits, this results in improved hydration and increased blood plasma volume. The increased absorption of vital minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements improves hydration conditions, cell function, and recovery.

Initially designed for professional athletes, PerformH20 is designed to equip them with unparalleled performance, optimized hydration, and expedited recovery, resulting in increased endurance and the crucial replenishment of lost electrolytes during strenuous workouts. The supercharged mineralized water's rewards to cell health and human hydration are useful for consumers of all ages, particularly those with challenging health conditions related to age, illness, or injury. 

About The Evolved Co.:

The Evolved Co. is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in hydration. Below < 33™ Frequency Technology (< 33™) is at the forefront of their groundbreaking products, and PerformH2O Performance Water is the latest testament to their dedication to superior hydration solutions.

To learn more about PerformH20 Performance Water, visit the product's official website at

Stay tuned for more product updates, giveaways, and events by following The Evolved Co. and PerformH20 on social media at @PerformH2O and @TheEvolvedCo 

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