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The Black Fairy Godmother, Simone Gordon, is on a Mission to Help People of Minority Across the US.

No one is above struggle.

Identifying with black, brown, and marginalized people while helping those same demographics all over the world, concludes that the Newark, New Jersey native, Simone Gordon is no stranger to the spars of life that many single parents face trying to earn a living, and provide for family.

After getting laid off from a Fortune 500 company, Gordon hit hard times, and fell into the category of a disproportionate black woman, when acquiring help for her autistic child.

It’s a textbook situation where Gordon did everything right, so that she could sustain, but she could not get assistance through local agencies, or the government with the necessities for her son.

Gordon posted a call to action on social media that sparked an impactful conversation with four people, that not only helped Gordon, but they provided her with more connections and essential resources that started the stunning movement for The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation.

When Gordon started the organization, she ran into a few issues, where it became difficult applying for a 501c3, which further ignited a need for The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation.

The Black Fairy Godmother foundation gives one hundred percent of its proceeds to the families, making the foundation an absolute credible charity.

In addition to The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation, Gordon is founder of The Purple Diamond Awards, a recognition for humanists far and near, to become acknowledged publicly.

"The Purple Diamond Awards is a very, very prestigious gala," she says, "and its not just for the fairy godmother foundation. It's for all the grassroots nonprofit organizations, and also the activists and the politicians, who are getting their feet and their hands wet, and dirty by just being there for their community, but they don't get the recognition that they are supposed to receive; so, what we do is, we have them come to the gala, dressed beautifully, have great music, network with each other, and get their recognition awards. So, yes, that's the Black Fairy Godmother experience."

The Third Annual Purple Diamond Awards is Saturday November 5th at the Newark Museum of Art, 49 Washington Street, Newark New Jersey.

Guest and honorees can expect smooth performances from R&B legends Jeff Redd and Kenny Latimore.

The honorees for 2022 include Ras Baraka (Mayor of Newark, New Jersey), Angelo Ellerbee ( CEO of Double XXposure Media), Jenise JT Fountain, Shaka Zulu (Black Panther Party, Newark NJ Chapter), Kate Barnhart (New Alternative LGBT Homeless Resource Center, NYC), Isaiah House (Zammeah Bivens-Gibson), Growing 4 Ward Organization (Carlos Walton), and the late Mary E. Patterson (Former Essex/Orange County Councilwoman 5th Ward.

Now, with 9 years of community service under her belt, and a worldwide attaché, the mission and advocacies for underserved families continues.

“Well, it’s been so many great things happening,” says Gordon. “We’re putting more women into school. We awarded 27 women the fairy dust scholarship, this year, putting a lot of single moms into trade school and community colleges. We’re expanding, and we are stabilizing in a lot of communities; of course, feeding, of course doing partnerships with other companies to house many black and brown families. It’s been so many great things that we’re doing, and now we have more people onboard who have become volunteers. We’re just expanding. Its’ just a beautiful thing, and I’m blessed, and I'm happy that I’m able to change so many lives.”

The Fairy Godmother Foundation is interactive on social media and especially on Instagram where Gordon, or volunteers respond to the request for help in a short timeframe.

“I had a woman who worked at an actual fortune 500 company for 10 years and lost it all. She lost it all. She never asked for government assistance. She never asked for FEMA to borrow money, and her unemployment stopped. During the pandemic, you know a lot of agencies thought that the pandemic was over, and they stopped people’s unemployment benefits. She was like ‘Hey, I need water, food, my lights is off, they took my car. Help me fairy.’ Within five hours we got it done,” shares Gordon when asked about her most memorable testimony.

The foundation helped over 300 families this past year-- They've received funds from the Gates foundation, in addition to $10,000 in donations from The Kelly Clarkson Show, where Gordon talked about the organization recently. During the same segment, Gordon met a surprise guest, the woman, whom she’d helped earlier.

Gordon is partnering with politicians, schools, and other agencies, to help more women much like the visitor from the show.

Click link below to listen to entire interview.

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