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Senegal Designer, Khadim Soung, Debuts African Garments for 2021 Juneteenth Celebration

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Designer Khadim Soung at the House of Africa 1215 Thomas Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Juneteenth became a national celebration, where President Joe Biden signed the order, making it a national holiday on June 17, 2021. The sudden move from President Joe Biden was met with mixed emotions from the Black and Brown communities across the globe.

It’s not a secret that Juneteenth is the Black Independence Day commemorated June 19,1865 because of the General Order No. 3 by Union Army General Gordon Granger. It’s an important proclamation that enforced freedom of enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas, which was the last state of the Confederacy.

Though Juneteenth is sanctioned recently, Blacks from all over the world, have celebrated Juneteenth since its inauguration. So, it’s nothing new, to observe the holiday for its obligatory existence with those still pressing and fighting the good fight for fair treatment, equity, equality, common decency and rights for Black, that’s long overdue, because racism is flagrant now, and it still exists.

For instance, owner of the House of Africa, Pape Ndiaye started Juneteenth in Charlotte, North Carolina, 24-years ago after visiting the city and learning that there was no observance of the holiday.

Pape Ndiaye has provided a colorful and illuminating celebration over two decades with a paragon of performances, fashion shows, uniting cultures, and folklore.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Juneteenth serves as a pivotal backdrop for history, that runs from June 17th through June 20th. The event has grown since 1997 with 100 visitors to over 15,000.

African Fashion Designer Khadim Soung presented his designs BEL' ALLURE COUTOURE at this year’s celebration and Elan Model Management hosted the street show, with models triumphing the pavement under the guidance and watchful eye of founder and mother agent, Harriet Braxton Washington.

The models hailed while striding fiercely like Kings and Queens, pronouncing themselves through body language. They owned their melanin, their blackness, and proudly brandished their freedom through fashion.

Khadim Soung is passionate about fashion. He began sketching designs at a young age. “I like fashion a lot,” he says. “I draw beautiful creations even at school. After school I did my own training in Dakar.

Soung has 20 years of experience, with two boutique exhibitions and a sewing workshop in Dakar, Senegal. “I come to the United States often,” he remarked. “The House of Pape Africa is my reference. He helped a lot."

Soung felt inspired at the Juneteenth ceremony.... “The collection that I presented to celebrate Juneteenth is to still pay homage to our Black ancestors, who had a lot of courage,” he says. “In the collection, I represented the bravery of the black woman with the Africa card. There were also the black and white dIves, which symbolizes peace, love, freedom and equality.”

Soung revealed materials made of rayon, silk and cotton, mostly. He wasn’t afraid to use PU leather, which isn’t uncommon for larger manufacturers. It shows that he’s an unconventional risktaker in the realm of fashion. Soung used rich hues for his designs that were intrepid, abstract, and avant-garde in presentation.

BEL' ALLURE COUTOURE exhibition is running from now until July 1st next to the Maison de D’Afriqu. “Previously, I presented my creations in Portugal, France, Canada, India and several African countries. In June 2019, I exhibited at New York, New York University for the African Dipsora."

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