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Reyna Love & Erica Pinkett Talk About Their Roles in Amazon Prime Drama, Secret Society.

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Secret Society, the movie, is based off book under the same name written in 2006 by author Miasha Coleman.

The film is a wanderlust narration, illustrating the dismaying lifestyles of besties, Charlie, and Thomas, who later change their names to Celess (Reyna Love) and Tina (Erica Pinkett).

Celess and Tina are mesmerizing divas over time, once they go through minor cosmetic surgery to become the centerfold women, they always imagined. After altering their images, the girls do everything together, down to the hustle, tricking men out of their money so they can shop and buy lavish things, while living on top of the world. They maintain their identities, never telling a sole that they are transgender until the ending of the movie, when one of them is exposed. Secret Society gives off Players Club (Trixie and Ronnie) vibes with a joust of P Valley (more alluring Uncle Clifford), with explicit escapades and haute couture, where it’s all about the gals getting what they want, which has been their pact since Celess, and Tina became women…

When speaking with leading actresses Reyna Love and Erica Pinkett, about their roles Celess and Tina, they both expressed desires for transgender men and women to walk confidently and unapologetically in their truth, without remorse or fear.

Reyna Love and Erica Pinkett

Although the LGBTQ community is more open than it’s ever been, vocal and acceptable, there is still a stereotype that surrounds transgender people because they choose to follow their hearts by transforming into a gender opposite than their birth assignment. They become the person they are happiest with, against the wishes of dogmatic folks in this era that think otherwise. Furthermore, The Human Rights Campaign listed that there were 44 fatalities against transgender and non-conforming people in 2020, with 29 beautiful souls murdered in 2021. The number is stark and extremely high, to murder another person simply because they are choosing their course of freedom. The Secret Society is a fictionalized movie and an advisory tale that emphasizes a small piece to what transgender men and women endure, as well as the lengths that many take to feel liberated and loved in their own skin by any means necessary.

Secret Society is Available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video


Celess (Reyna Love) and Tina (Erica Pinkett) play the game far too well, and they’re winning too. But when the secret they each share comes out, that same shovel that got them out of the dirt could very well bury them. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Secret Society is a first of its kind. Written by Miasha Coleman, the film is a cautionary tale filled with high fashion, high lifestyle, and even higher drama. Miasha used CIS women to play trans women in the film, because she wanted to give an audience who would usually ignore trans women, an opportunity to see their everyday struggles. This movie will have your eyes glued to the screen to find out the jaw dropping secret. Secret Society is available on Amazon Prime Video now.

Cast: Reyna Love, Erica Pinkett, Vivica Fox, Tray Chaney, Vincent De Paul, Kelvin Hair, Byron Wright, Jason Tisi and Jeremy Meeks

Writers: Miasha Coleman & Jamal Hill/ Directed by Jamal Hill

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