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Pastor Jaylon Calhoun, releases uplifting single, "Wake Up Blessed."

Gospel musician, producer and Anointed Radio Network Founder, Pastor Jaylon Calhoun, is taking us higher with the release of his newest uplifting single, "Wake Up Blessed." The energizing, genre-bending Christian EDM track debuted via AMP Records on October 20. Calhoun’s style has grown in scope and depth, since originally being compared to music heavyweights Luther Vandross and Fred Hammond. The evolution of his music to more energizing and soulful electronic beats continues to be an area of passion and purpose as he takes his message of hope beyond the boundaries of the church. Pastor Jaylon Calhoun’s repertoire includes his latest drop “Renew My Praise,” released in summer 2020 from Amp Records. “Renew My Praise” by Pastor Calhoun continues to garner widespread critical and fan acclaim. Calhoun’s tone, style, and thematic message on “Renew My Praise” have made it a resounding success with a variety of audiences. Considering the manner in which Pastor Jaylon Calhoun came into music, it’s easy to see how the music has taken its present sound and form.

Pastor Jaylon Calhoun is a native of Richmond, CA who began singing at the age of seven when he attended the Malcolm X Performing Art Academy in Berkeley, CA. By 14, he had joined the Antioch Church Family choir with whom he performed for seven years, helping them to garner several awards including the 2007 Bay Area Award and recognition from “How Sweet the Sound” hosted by Donald Lawrence for Best Small Choir of the Bay Area. After beginning and directing many youth choirs around the Bay, Pastor Calhoun relocated to Las Vegas, NV, and founded a Christian radio station, the Anointed Radio Network. Pastor Calhoun and ARN were nominated in 2019 for several additional awards. CONNECT WITH PASTOR JAYLON IG @Anointedjaylon Twitter @Anointedjaylon Facebook @pastorjay

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