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Past, Present, and Future of R&B: The Kenny Lattimore Experience

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Kenny Lattimore commanded audiences with a symphonic connection close to three decades. He’s maestro of tones and beautiful harmonies, persuasive of love, light, hurt and confidence that’ll make you weep at the sound of his voice, or groove to the storylines of life unfolding.

His self-entitled, debut album, Kenny Lattimore includes six songs that he co-wrote including the Grammy and Soul Train nominated love ballad “For You,” that placed on Billboard top 100 at the #1 spot 25 years ago.

In 1998, Lattimore birthed the album Soul of a Man, Weekend (2001), Things That Lovers Do (2003), The Best of Kenny Lattimore (2004), Uncovovered/Covered (2006), Timeless (2008), Anatomy of a Love Song (2015), A Kenny Lattimore Christmas (2016), Vulnerable (2017), and Here to Stay (2021).

The album Here To Stay introduces Take A Dose as a the Billboards favorite love ballad of 2023, that peaked at #1 consecutively—It’s the first time after 25 year of creating love songs that Lattimore found his Trojan sign once more, that his vocals are unmatched, if there was ever a doubt—And no matter the epoch, R&B Music is here to stay.

Speaking on the last statement with a handle as infectious as the newest 10 track album, Here To Stay. The album is an ambitious piece that delves into corners of euphoria, and the feels like the single "Nothing On You."

The next romantic title, "Never Knew," is an expressive about love. The delightful notes touch the sensitive side of man, breaking down walls and targeting the heart of man, whose found the woman he's searched for all his life.

"All In," another nostalgic number reminiscent of the nineties whether in messaging, or a soft tempo setting the candlelit mood, which is steamy, but leaving room for the imagination.

"Pressure," a sensual pleasure, just as naughty and deliciously satisfying to the ears as "Take A Dose." It parades on enjoyment and beneficial romance; while the visuals elude to adulting and indulging on that devious little thing called "Pressure."


Recently Lattimore took to twitter reminding his followers, and the people in the back that he sent the greatest baller of all-time, Michael Jordan a copy of the album Soul of a Man in 1998; so, the song playing in episode 10 of Michael Jordan’s docu-series, “Last Dance,” was “Days Like This” from the album that Jordan listened to as a pre-hype anthem during the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls games/play offs.

Lattimore is neither abashed nor introverted with his unique singing ability; while never outgrowing the fresh and enriching sounds that he disbursed over 25 years ago where many vocalist have aged a little, unable to hit the notes that helped them mount to stardom.

Studying with Voice Professor Leroy Dorsey, Lattimore, learned to stretch and expand his vocal turf. The professor is known for using grueling methods that were effective. He taught paramount singers like Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack, to find their voice, and sing with validity.

“When you’re coming from singing classical jazz and R&B, different genres of music, those various genres thrive on you creating certain types of sound. So, I had been singing gospel and I had been singing different kinds of R&B, and all that,” reflects Lattimore when asked about his experiences with the mad, but brilliant professor. “And, it took me away from the classical technique that my professor wanted me to sing with at that time,” he laughed. “I remember going into class, and I was like, ‘Okay. let me start out. Let me sing this song.’ And, he was like, ‘Stop singing on your throat.’ “He would like just take his hand out and grab me around my throat in the middle of a song. Not to choke me or anything, but he would grab me by the throat until I could began to create this rounder sound. I had every vocal instructor that I worked with teach me something completely different. Dr. Dorsey wanted to teach me the power in my voice...”

In a recent interview with the captivating singer and songwriter, Lattimore talks about the power of his voice, creating sonically pacific music for the ages, and his newest single “Take a Dose.

Click the link below and listen to that interview:

Instagram: @KennyLattimore

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