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NEW MUSIC: Shae Nycole Releases New Single, "No Strings" Available Now!

R&B diva, Shae Nycole has released a new single titled, No Strings. The song has a classic R&B feel, while simulantaneuosly mixing in an upbeat vibe. The singer issues a melodic plea for her former lover to return, but this time, with no strings attached. Distributed by IndieBlu, the single is available everywhere now. Click here

to download/stream No Strings.

Shae Nycole's previous single was a down-south smash! She tapped on Choppa to feature on the hit, "Run It Up".

"For a long time, I felt that the world wasn’t ready for a R&B artist like me. Once my fans found my EP online, they wanted more – they empowered me to do what I love most, I’m ready now.”- Shae Nycole.


Shae Nycole is a soulful singer/songwriter/actress hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Having solidified herself as a celebrated R&B artist, Shae continues to draw in fans and music lovers from all over the globe to her music streaming and social media platforms as well as live performances. The Lake Charles, Louisiana native is a celebrated R&B recording artist whose deduct single "Ready" was independently released in 2015 peaked at #34 on US Urban AC Top 40 Chart and peaked at #3 on the Indie Urban AC Charts. She went on to release "Eff Love," "Hands," "Zydeco," "T-Shirt and Panties," "Shoulda Told Ya," "Lessons and Blessings," and most recently the down-south smash "Run It Up" featuring Choppa. The vibrant, entertaining, and hardworking performing artist loves to bring fans into her world with relatable lyrics about life, relationships and how love can be a rollercoaster ride. Her sweet and soulful voice rides on the waves of timeless melodies to give fans the experience of love's ecstasy, rejection, and creating memories of dancing and singing along with the ones you love the most. With hundreds of thousands of YouTube Views and a rising fan base of monthly listeners who stream her hits, Shae Nycole has solidified herself as one of R&B's top acts.

Keep Up With Shae Nycole

Instagram: ShaeNycole

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