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New Book 'The Brand is You' by Isaac Hamm III, Available Now

The Brand Is You: “5 Easy Steps to Building a Successful Brand" was released to the public on June 5, 2020. The book hit the #1 Best Sellers list on Amazon in 30 minutes after being published. This book will help you understand what is needed to build your brand through strategic marketing tools that will create a more comprehensive plan to hit your goals! "No Matter your entrepreneurial goals, there are five critical steps to building a successful brand - whether you’re a savvy veteran or just getting started, you must live by it, be about it, and stand by it,” shares author Isaac Hamm, III. Celebrity Branding Strategist Guru turns his talents to first time “author”. Isaac M. Hamm III,CEO and Founder of, a marketing and brand management company that specializes in building brands from the ground up and providing people and their businesses with a strong plan to be successful, has found his niche in supplying up and coming business owners and brand influencers with the 5 easy steps they need to building a successful brand. Isaac also has close to 20+ years experience in the entertainment industry working alongside celebrity clients which he was successful in creating brand strategies for such as, LeLee Lyons of R&B Female group SWV, Actor Robert C. Riley, Actor Jalyn E. Hall, Radio Personality & Record Artist Darlene McCoy and more.  ORDER HERE.

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