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Micah Barbee Honoring the Temple Through Drip MB Hydration and Wellness

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Joining the high caliber ranks of Black business owners who searched for another avenue, to provide services while making a living after the unfortunate layover of the 2019 Pandemic, Micah Barbee opened the doors to Drip MB Hydration and Wellness (3120 Latrobe Drive Suite 120).

Drip MB Hydration and Wellness is equipped with several Registered Nurses, including one licensed Medical Doctor, to write orders and fill prescriptions for clients, respectively.

The clinic is functional providing pop-up shops, “Drive by and Drip (Latrobe location),” in addition to mobile hydration to clients that want their treatments at home.

In the same altitude, Micah announced the Drip MB Gender Reveal… “We have another thing we are about to roll out,” she exclaimed. “We are going to be doing some early gender detection, so you can find out your sex of your child up to 8 weeks.”


Micah is Registered Nurse (pediatrics/ home health/ hospital) for seven years. She is originally from Durham, North Carolina.

At a point, and in the scheme of living, the aspiring trailblazer took a leap of faith, and moved to Austin, Texas to further her career. Instead of remaining pigeonholed in a restless predicament during the Pandemic extension, she pivoted to Charlotte, NC. Micah agrees that the transition to entrepreneurship was difficult but worthy of reinvention, as well as the sacrifices.

“I always had like the desire to own something,” she explained the reasoning for opening the wellness center. “So, my goal was like, ‘How can I own a business and, like, merge it with what I care most about, which is taking care of people and making them feel better.”

Micah said that her innate creativity, along with the desire for serving the community, led to her launching the IV hydration spa June 2021.

Micah networked and found her equilibrium as a business owner, supplying a demand, and meeting the needs of the people within the city. While there are many IV hydration clinics in Charlotte, petitions for the popular hydration spa is growing vastly.

The numbers don’t lie. In fact, if you google ‘How many IV Hydration Spas are in Charlotte, NC?” Drip MB Hydration and Wellness will populate at #4 in the search engine .

With such a high demand, it's fair to ask the questions: Are there realistic benefits to IV Hydration, and does it even work?

Micah says… “IV Hydration obviously is something that the hospitals have been doing since the beginning of time, but taking it outside the hospital setting, and putting it in the med spas, and inside of people’s homes, I feel like that is newer in the last two decades. Like, I won’t even say, the last ten years. Like, I would say for twenty years, at least, this has been a thing.”

The good news is that anyone can benefit from IV Hydration, but the fact remains there are no easy fixes for living a healthy lifestyle other than simply changing that lifestyle for the better.

Micah indicated, they have an ethical responsibility to their clients at Drip MB Hydration and Wellness. They do not override primary care providers, and do not treat chronically ill clients, who may have heart conditions or complications with their kidneys, preventing them from excreting or eliminating water-- Because the goal is to get rid of the toxins after each flush.

Health Care facilities use IV Therapy to treat a wide range of conditions including hydration with a method called intravenous drip which makes the technique similar to IV Hydration whereas the med spa may offer other replenishments like multivitamin boosts to help ward off seasonal allergies and common colds, as well as post relief from nasty bugs and infections.

“Another thing, athletes,” says Micah. “We have a power drip that’s really great for muscle recovery and building those amino acids in your muscles that helps to like, kinda rid that lactic acid, that builds up causing like the spasms, cramps and all those things. It definitely can be preventative and can also be a fixer.”

Along with the Hydration Drips, Micha offers Glutathione drips, including Lipodissolve Injections , to shrink fat in the arms, and hard to scope places.

Micah cautions that if you aren’t maintaining the weight loss, after receiving the injections, you’re likely to gain the weight back in those troublesome areas.

“Lippo Dissolve is more for body sculpting and contouring, and it’s basically like a nonsurgical version of liposuction. What we administer is a substance called PCDC, which our bodies already naturally create; however, just like all the other things science has been able to replicate out our bodies, it can do that with PCDC, and we can target fat cells.”

Visit the website for Drip MB Hydration and Wellness here.

Watch full interview below:

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