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Making an impressive buzz online, Kiesha Nelson-Harris proves that she's got the goods to make i

Kiesha Nelson-Harris pictured in the center wearing full-length white fur/ In photo shoot with Silvio Suarez and I'Merge PR Team

Unbridled by myths and industry foopah’s, Kiesha Nelson-Harris actually made substantial leeway with her online boutique in #2016

Let's chat about the variables for a sec, and credible data that supports the longevity of online fashion boutiques.

As of 2013, there were approximately one-hundred-and-two-thousand online boutiques.

Of course, the numbers changed within the last four years, but that’s a pretty intense calculation considering the elements of e-commerce, clothing lines and brands getting noticed.

Smallbiztrends calculate that 41.1% retail and about 47% wholesale have a split survival rate within the first five years (some sites argue that businesses fail after the first year).

Forbes said that the retail venture is one of the most risky businesses to own.

In other words, you’d have to be pretty ballsy about operating a retail store online with hopes of raking in the dough, even in a tech smart environment.

So, the question is a hot ticket item… How was Nelson able to pull it off and grow the boutique really fast in such a short time span?

After being laid off from corporate America, the D.C native decided that she wasn’t going to let another business control her livelihood, so she created KLAASHA'S CLOSET, an online boutique for designer clothes and select pieces from across the country.

Although completely unethical and in violation of constitutional rights, the company fired Nelson when they found out about her pregnancy. Those unscrupulous practices left Harris with no other choice.

I decided that if I can find a way to do what I love, and be there with my kids, I’m not going back.”

Nelson researched as much as she could and accumulated the perfect team. The ingenious millennial works closely with a designer that she met on Facebook, who helped bring her vision to life.

She plugged into other models, and she found a publicist that could take her brand to the next level.

“I carry fashions from all over the world, and I carry my own unique line. I like to mix and match affordable pieces,” she said.

“I did a soft launch last August, so it’s been a year. Then I did a fashion show in October.”

Nelson is premiering her sexy and yet tasteful clothing line on Love & Hip Hop ATL.

“Everything is starting to get higher and higher. It’s just a crazy feeling,” she spoke while smiling.

The 29-Year-old plans to do a new collection as well as a women’s empowerment summit in Washington DC.

With Nelson migrating back-and-forth from the patronage capital of DC, to Charlotte N.C., it seemed only right to ask about the Women’s March on Washington and her thoughts about the large turnout.

“I did not go that day. I saw the march updates like everyone else. It was amazing to me, to see different political ideas from all the women.”

Speaking of ideas from an imminent leader in the fashion world, Nelson said the most difficult thing that she had to deal with while venturing into entrepreneurship was meeting people that would take her business with seriousness.

Make no mistake about it; Harris is all business, and no twaddle.

“When I look at where I was last August and where I am now, people are starting to understand that , 'Maybe I do need to watch her.’

Being a young mom and a wife, it’s kind of difficult, but I make it work."

Family is everything for the savvy curator, which is why she’s breaking her daughter into the business.

Nelson pictured with her biggest fans/ 8 year old and 2 year old daughters

“My 8- year -old daughter designed her own clothing line, so we’ll be coming out with that during the summer.

She’s wanted to be a fashion designer for the longest time. It’s been exciting for her to see me do all this," Nelson beamed proudly.

Nelson also has a radio show that runs every other Sunday from 6:pm to 8:pm on Counter Culture Radio

Kiesha Nelson-Harris is a business mogul with all the right ingredients to make her enterprise boom for the next five years, at least those are our projections.

We implore you to follow her on social networks, to see what else she has trickling down the pipes.

It's been said that if you want to be the best, you need to sit with the best, while taking notes.

Grand Theft (We snagged photos from Nelson's Instagram while lurking)

#KlashaasCloset debuting a piece from #Klashaa, ByMCode. #Tuxedo dress designed by Kisha Harris and brought to life by Milanka Code. Inspired by the late and great artist, Prince! Lipstick#SnobEnvy by Ty Cobb 👑

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