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Lyricist, Amillie Released Newest Singles, "Too Many Times" & "Trouble”

Amillie is a native of Brockton, Massachusetts. The 21-year-old shared that it’s the rough part of the city, but he considers it home… “I don’t call it the worst area. It wasn’t too bad,” he clarifies. “My parents did the best for me. I was always in the best schools and I already did my best while I was there. I didn’t have much, but I never said that I didn’t have everything that I needed.” Amillie, his name stands out just like his lyrics. He’s cultured beyond perception, so with that gain, he’s sculpting an erudite wave of music for young MC’s in his hometown. “I was always good with my hands and my thought process,” he’s says when asked if he always wanted to do music. “I built stuff. At first, I wanted to be a mechanic or engineer, something along the lines of that. I knew I wanted to do music, and it was always something that I wanted at a young age, so I kept going at it.” When Amillie was younger, he seemed overly stimulated and curious with just about everything. “I like to start a process and build something from my own hands, my own craft, and that’s where that came from,” he says. “My cousin did music before, and I used to see him do it. He was always nice with it. By watching him do it, that got me into rapping. I built it up and kept going with it.” By the time Amillie turned 13, he could write rhymes as well as rap... “I would tell my friends what I wrote and they wanted to hear it. They realized that the things I said was nice and dope. I think when they told me to keep going, that’s when I started [taking it seriously]. I always wanted to do it. I knew that there was a point where I wanted to do it in the future, where if I had the means, I could take it more seriously. I had a gift, but when my friends told me I was good, that pushed me more to do it.” While on the subject about his sizzling music prowess, it’d be safe to say that his singles Too Many Times, and Trouble are both heavy bangers that clasp between old and new school, where he’s spitting relatable narratives. Amillie writes all of his own rhymes, but if there were an opportunity to link up with other rhymesters or songwriters from the area, he’d definitely collaborate… As for his latest melodies, he has several singles, but he’s planning to release an expressive EP later this year. “I just dropped “Too Many Times yesterday. That’s a little song where I feel like people were downing the way that I am, and the way that I grew up. They never gave me the chance. Now, I’m working hard and doing what I can right now. My life is changing as we can see it. Things are changing for the better for me. There are more eyes [on me], and more intentions. People might hate on it, but they see that hard work and effort is just what’s happening. My single, Trouble, I wanted to demonstrate with my words the visualization of my life and how I live.” Amillie is continually demonstrating while using bossed up wordplay that he’s worth the extra conversation as he stated, but he’s not waiting on an opportunity to get on, he’s creating them… “I keep working on my craft, and when I’m not doing that, I’m learning about the music industry. I’m trying to teach myself about stocks so I can I can manage my money whenever I take off. I know it’s going to happen, so whenever it does happen, I can invest,” he remarks… “Everybody is working over here. Everyone seems to be well known, and they know each other. Its difficulty to get features with them. Everyone wants to be with their own crew and own clique,” Meeley talks about the music scene in Massachusetts affectionately. “It’s difficult to get your name in those groups, so I just keep doing my own thing. Everything is booming over here. The sound is getting more attention. I feel like Boston is going to be the next city that hops on the map.”

“2019 was a big step for me because my main goal was to go to the studio more so I can drop my record," Amillie talked about his recent success with the music. I dropped songs, and not only that, I pushed to the point where people who weren’t hearing me, they hear me now.” Amillie is working on legacy, unapologetically — He's building and making a compelling name for himself in the music industry with or without help. Quiet as kept, his songs are used during the recaps for several high profile sports pages on Instagram. He's also dubbed as Boston’s newest MC on the rise. Meeley is just clearing the way, and once again, proving that he has what it takes to hit mainstream rather defiantly and against the odds.

As for musical influences that helped to shape his sound, Amillie listened to artist like Eminem, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Young Money Entertainment, and Drake… “I was a big Drake fan in fifth and sixth grade. I like Future, the way he flows on the track and Young Thug, the way he sonically sounds on a song that’s keen to the ear. I don’t know but I want to keep rapping. I want people to hear the bars, and I want them to hear what I’m saying. I want it to hit. I want people to follow the story.” ‘I think that music is elevating to a different level and I like the way things is going as far as artist being heard. I feel like, at the same time, there is getting to the point where there is too much saturation in the market and people don’t give enough time to really drop something worthy of quality. You don’t get the replay value that you used to get with certain music and sounds. I’m trying to bring a record instead of hits and singles that are only good for three to five months. In terms of that, as far as music is going, I want to fit in the area where the new artist are not only elevating but they are keeping things more relevant for the future as well.” Amillie considers himself a kindled lyricist, one that spouts stories with meaning. He said that if he couldn’t rhyme, he’d work in Information Services as a an engineer. He would love to get more involved with philanthropy work, although he’s no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and helping out in the community… “You should really help someone that needs it. That’s all you can ask for in life. At the end of the day, you want to be a good Samaritan and help. Sometimes, it’s as simple as showing love.”

Latest single 'Fell In Love"

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